Hannibal Star Caroline Dhavernas Thinks Fans Should Be “Very Concerned” For Alana Bloom


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Caroline Dhavernas first became a favorite amongst television nerds when she starred as Jaye Tyler in Bryan Fuller‘s much-loved, but short-lived, series Wonderfalls. Now, she’s carved out a place in Fuller’s magnificent and macabre tv take on Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Hannibal. Dhavernas co-stars as Dr. Alana Bloom and we got her to open up about the character’s recent hookup, why Alana Bloom has given up on Will Graham completely and why she thinks the fans find Hannibal so sexy. WARNING: Hannibal Season Two spoilers abound.

First things first: after last weeks episode, what was your personal reaction to the Hannibal and Alana Bloom hookup?

Well, I think it makes sense. It was a long time coming. Because last year we had that scene in the kitchen when he was trying to flirt with Alana a little bit. She wasn’t falling into that game because of course she’s a lady in a man’s world. I think she has to be very careful with the romances that she lets herself fall into. There was already the romance with Will in the last season. And, of course, Hannibal is such a smart, manipulative person. He knows exactly how to hurt Will the most by getting close to the lady that he likes, and he does it in such a way that he doesn’t really have to go that far.
So I thought that was a very smart way to bring it up and not have him running after her, but to have her kind of open herself up to him.

Yeah. I think Chilton described Alana as “catnip” for all of the psychopaths and killers on the show, but she’s also very clearly attracted to those characters as well. Not just professionally, but personally. Where do you think that curiosity comes from?

It’s what she does for a living. It’s what she was attracted to for her work. I think she has a fascination for intricate and complicated minds. With Will, she knew that if she was in a relationship with him, she would be curious about him and maybe even want to fix him. She’s a therapist, she does want to help and save. I think she has that savior [complex]. It’s tricky for her in relationships.

I think that’s why she goes towards Hannibal. When they hear that Will tried to kill Hannibal, I think that’s when she gives up on him completely. She always thought because of the encephalitis he had done things he would’ve never done had he not been sick. But, now that he’s back and he’s not sick anymore, he’s going towards Hannibal like that…I think it’s the end of Will. She needed that to let go of him completely in her mind.

I think she’s probably been wanting a grown up relationship for a while and Hannibal is that exactly. She’s known him for such along time. He’s been a mentor and a friend. I think that in that moment it’s that. It’s almost like after a funeral hookup. You want to feel alive. I think the attraction comes from there to wanting to feel like you’re terribly alive in the moment of death when you let go of a friend. So, I think it start there. It may not be the same attraction like she had with Will. But, I think for her it’s the beginning of something more adult & healthy.

Little does she know that Hannibal’s a serial killer, but the audience does. So I know in the previews for this week Will is going to be released from the Baltimore State Hospital For The Criminally Insane. Is there a chance that he and Alana could rebuild their relationship? Because you make it sound that she has washed her hands of him.

As of now, where she stands, it’ll be pretty hard to forgive unless she realizes why Will went that far. But, as of now where we stand in this episode it will be hard for her to start any romance again after what he did. He’s clearly not well. I think there’s a lot left in the season of ups and downs. Things happening that make her question what Will is up to. What state of mind he’s in? This cat and mouse game between he and Hannibal is not over. So the relationship can go in all sorts of directions, for sure. But, as of now I don’t think she’s going to go back to anything romantic with him.

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