Hannibal Star Caroline Dhavernas Thinks Fans Should Be “Very Concerned” For Alana Bloom



Going back to the attraction that Alana has for Hannibal Lecter, I know a lot of the fans of the show and the series in general are also very attracted to him. Where do you think that stems from? What’s the allure of the psychopath?

Well, I think the human monster is really kind of fascinating. We all have our monster inside us, I suppose. But we’re not allowed to let it out in society. So, I think we’ve all been so curious to see what it feels like or to be like. Before film and cinema was ever invented we used to tell each other ghost stories around the campfire. I think the human mind is curious about horror and violence. But, since we don’t want to experience in our everyday lives we use fiction and art to get a feel of what it would be like. It’s a little bit like putting your hand on the stove when you know you’re not supposed to. But, you’re so curious. I think it stems from that human behavior.

Yeah, I think it goes back to your funeral comment. You want to feel alive. So, you want to get closer.

Yeah! I think Hannibal-he’s so interesting because he’s a dandy. He may kill because someone has terribly bad taste. He thinks they don’t deserve to live because they are not educated that way. It’s kind of funny too! There’s a dark humor to that.

Speaking of the attraction…I know the show has amazingly gorgeous murder scenes. They’re grisly, but they’re gorgeous. Do you have a favorite one?

Let me think… the eye at the beginning of the second episode, second season was kind of interesting with all of those bodies. The angels, too, in the first season with their backs open with wings. I thought that was kind of gorgeous, even though as you say, horrific.

There’s more coming. There’s one coming up soon that involves a woman inside a horse that I thought was interesting. It’s very poetic and weird and terrible.

Do you have a least favorite? Is there one that goes too far for you? Or do you think that they’ve been able to manage that?

I remember that one that really kind of turned my stomach upside down was the mushroom episode the second one in the first season. I think it was really interesting. I don’t think they went too far…for me? I don’t know. There’s something about decay and mushrooms and the human body that really grosses me out. I think that one would be the worst one for me.

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