Hannibal Star Caroline Dhavernas Thinks Fans Should Be “Very Concerned” For Alana Bloom



What’s interesting to me the series is kind of like a prequel to Red Dragon and the other Thomas Harris novels. I wonder, obviously you’ve already veered plot because the show just killed Beverly Katz and she’s in Red Dragon, but how much have you based your performance on the original template for Dr. Bloom from the books? Did you just throw it out when you realized you changed gender on to that original drawing that Harris makes in the books?

Alan Bloom in the book and in the movies–he doesn’t have a very big part. The character is not really developed that much. So there was very little to draw from anyway. Since he was a man and he was made into a woman for the show. No I didn’t feel like there was much to draw from in the first place. I just kind of made her my own from what I saw on the page and from what Bryan came up with.

I was just curious because I think it was interesting that he took some of the male characters and made them female. As an actress, what was your take on that choice that Bryan Fuller made?

I think had he not done that there wouldn’t be many female character on the show except for the victims. Bryan has been very carful to make sure the victims aren’t only female. There’s male and female victims and it would’ve been unfortunate to not have strong female characters on the show. So, both Freddie Lounds and Alana Bloom came along for that purpose. I think it’s a very smart thing to do.

Is there any quality that Alana Bloom has that you personally wish that you had?

I guess she has this quiet strength about her that I kind of admire. She’s surround by these big egos and big personalities at work and she unphased by it. She put’s her foot down when she has to. She doesn’t seem to doubt all of that much when she has to make a point in front of Jack Crawford, who’s a monster of strength. I really admire her strength at work.

Finally, how worried should the audience be for Alana Bloom in the next upcoming episodes? Because it was hinted that she could be in some precarious situations now that she’s torn between Will and Hannibal…

She is in Hannibal’s house eating. So yeah, they should be very concerned.

Hannibal returns to NBC tonight at 10/9 C.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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