Is This Really The Happiest Place On Earth? 10 Celebrities Looking Miserable At Disneyland


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Long lines, scary heights and humans dressed as cartoon animals. Remind us why Disneyland and its sister parks are considered the happiest places on Earth? Kaley Cuoco Sweeting looks terrified.

With a proximity to Hollywood and belief in fairtyales, Disneyland has a strong association with A-list celebrities. They pose for photos after winning awards, they ride floats in parades, the take their kids for an afternoon they’ll never forget. Or a few hours of high-pitched screams about needing more cotton candy and less attention from Goofy.

Despite their picture-perfect lifestyle, we do get flashes of humanity from celebrities from time to time. And even though Disneyland is filled with things that will make any kid attracted to sugar and overpriced memorabilia smile, mom and dad aren’t always as overjoyed. You try wrangling two toddlers onto the seats of a carousel while dodging paparazzi cameras a la Kourtney Kardashian! (Not as easy as it looks.) Even BeyoncĂ©, Queen of the World, can’t always pretend to be excited to stand among a crowd of sweaty, basic roller coaster enthusiasts. She does, however, remain flawless in her Disney apparel. Maybe it’s not the happiest place on Earth, or maybe these stars just had a bad day? Check out 10 celebs who look less than thrilled to be spending a day at the theme park, above.

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