Your Move: Game Of Thrones Star Pedro Pascal Gave King Joffrey A Shoulder To Cry On


Pedro Pascal might be a new edition to HBO’s Game of Thrones this season, but he’s already wooed the show’s most stalwart fans. Now, Pascal is bringing the same heat and sex appeal that he has as Prince Oberyn Martell to VH1–so much so that our own Kate Spencer exclaimed, “Everything sounds sexual when you interview the Red Viper!”

In the spirit of Game of Thrones, we asked Pascal to play a little game with us. This time, though, the rules weren’t that you win or you die. The only rule was that he had to answer interview questions while playing!

It turns out that Pascal’s favorite pairing on Game of Thrones isn’t Prince Oberyn and Ellaria Sand, but the Hound and Arya Stark! “It is a completely unexpected, brilliant, sort of reluctant relationship,” he enthused. Off screen, it turns out that Jack Gleeson, who plays King Joffrey, is a complete and utter softie. After the Purple Wedding, Pascal said, “I took Jack out to dinner and he cried on my shoulder.”

Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday, April 27 at 9/8 C.

You can check more celebs spilling the beans while getting their game on in the Your Move video gallery below.

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