Are Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield The Cutest Celeb Couple Of All Time?


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Let’s be honest with ourselves: the most amazing thing about The Amazing Spider-Man franchise isn’t the superhero stunts or is it the jaw-dropping action sequences. The best part of the new Spider-Man movies is Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s incendiary chemistry. Whether they’re canoodling on screen or in the streets of New York City, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield might be the most adorable couple of all time.

We’re not down with every couple’s propensity for PDA, but when it comes to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, we just can’t get enough. Maybe it’s because they turn getting caught by the paparazzi into a chance to shine a light on charity or maybe it’s because they’re always up to hang with child fans. Perhaps it’s because they gleefully wear pipe cleaner glasses and kiss passionately in broad daylight. Or maybe the couple’s charm boils down to the fact that every time Andrew Garfield looks at Emma Stone, it appears like he’s discovering the most amazing thing in the world. Seriously. Check him out when he’s checking her out. Andrew Garfield loves Emma Stone more than anyone else in the world does–and that’s saying something.

We’ve compiled just 15 of the couple’s cutest moments, but you can see them pump up the charm on the big screen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which hits theaters across the United States this Friday, May 2.

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