Dave And James: Two Francos Are Better Than One, But Which Brother Is For You?


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If you’re confused about how James Franco has the time to promote a new film (Neighbors) while starring on Broadway in Of Mice and Men, fear not. Those thick eyebrows and that wry smile belong to none other younger brother, Dave Franco. Yes, there are two! (Well, technically three.) Luckily there’s room for multiple Francos in our current pop culture universe. But which one deserves your undying love?

In Neighbors, Franco the Younger plays the VP to Zac Efron‘s fraternity president, flaunting a sculpted chest and a pretty strong Robert DeNiro impression. After roles in films like Warm Bodies21 Jump Street and Now You See Me, Dave is poised for his breakout moment this year, one that sets him even further apart from his older brother. The two share great hair genes, a toothy grin and admiration for Seth Rogen, but their respective bodies of work are much different. To help determine which Franco you prefer, here a few things about Dave that separate him from his older brother.

He’s paid his dues on television.

While James got his start on the late Freaks and Geeks (RIP) and later guest starred on General Hospital as “performance art”, Dave plugged away with arcs on prime-time series like 7th Heaven, Greek, Privileged and Scrubs. The latter would provide the much-needed springboard to feature films, as he played wealthy med student Cole Aaronson in the show’s final season.

He knows how to play an asshole. 

If James will forever be considered a “freak,” the toughest role Dave will have to shake is that of a jerk. He was the environmentally-friendly drug dealer in 21 Jump Street, and the privileged doctor-in-training on Scrubs. Neighbors paints him as the more focused, career-conscious college student to Zac Efron’s eternal party boy, but he still takes part in making Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne‘s life a living hell. So how does the guy voted Homecoming King and Best Looking in his class portray these unlikeable characters with such ease? “Once I was complaining about it to someone, and they said, ‘It’s because you have an asshole face.’ I was like, ‘Um, thank you. Thank you very much’ ” he told GQ.

He has balls of steel. 

Literally. One of the biggest stories from the Neighbors set was Zac Efron injuring his hand during filming. And while his recent scuffle with a homeless man in downtown L.A. made headlines, his stand-off with Dave was kept quiet… until now. Dave revealed to Nick Lachey on Big Morning Buzz that he and his balls had a role in fracturing Zac’s hand during a fight scene. You heard me.

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