Can’t Nobody Kiss It Like You: These Celebrities Are The Best Kissers


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Kissing is wonderful. Whether it’s a first kiss, with the heady anticipation, or an intimate kiss with someone you’ve loved for years, kissing is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off (although if it leads to you actually taking your clothes off, we’re not going to judge). Onscreen kisses are also fun, even though we’re not personally involved. They’re┬áspecial little fantasies for those of us with romantic hearts. But they also raise the pressing question: which of these celebrities are ACTUALLY good at kissing?

Usher just released a whole song about it, called “Good Kisser” (duh!) and it’s got us to wondering which of our favorite celebs excel in the lip smacking arena. We’ve done the research and found out that between Zac Efron and Alexander Skarsgard, Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Stewart, there’s a whole bevy of Hollywood babes that know just how to make their tongue roll and send their co-stars swooning. So if you’re putting together a celebrity “freebie” list, or just daydreaming about locking lips with some gorgeous babes, click through our gallery to find who is the best at the tonsil hockey tango.

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