Mad Hatters: Which Celebrity Wore The Most Ridiculous Hat?


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A hat, generally is a bold statement. Anything other than a baseball cap and you’re really saying something with your headwear. Iconic hat wearers like Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J are simply sporting their signature brand, but what about all the other celebrities who, from time to time, dabble in the hat? Whether in the name of fashion, extreme showmanship or attention getting, celebrity hat wearers have a tendency to skip over “appropriate for the occasion” entirely and just go straight to f-ing ridiculous.

From old classics like Jamiroquai‘s menagerie of Cat In The Hat style hats to Erykah Badu‘s recent choice for the MET Gala, these crazy celebrity hats will have you wondering whether or not they looked in a mirror before they left the house. With some more endearing than others — like Pharrell Williams now culturally ingratiated Grammys hat — we’ve got some of the most ridiculous hats to ever top a modern celebrity’s head. From the downright abomination of Pamela Anderson‘s strange feathered pink UFO-like hat to French Montana‘s taxidermic bear, these ridiculous celebrity hats are real head scratchers.

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