The Fantasy Is Over: Which 20 Celebrities Are Apparently Terrible Kissers?


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Actors are good at faking it — that’s their job. But there are some things that even professional fakers can’t get right. Last week we bought you the best celebrity kissers, and this week we’re bringing you the worst. That’s right: apparently these 20 celebrities are awful when it comes to doing the tongue tango…or so say their Hollywood co-stars.

We don’t want to be too critical, of course — it can’t be easy to relax and get sexy when there are a bunch of cameras on you and a director yelling out directions. But with so many able to get it so right, it seems at least a little bit suspicious that some are getting it so wrong. So who do you think made the list of horrible Hollywood kissers? You’ll be surprised to see who gave who negative reviews, and also to see some who have been touted as “good” kissers, popping up on the negative list…

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