Celebrities Dressed As Cats: The Two Most Powerful Internet Forces Collide!


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The internet, it seems, is run on the fuel of two components: cats and celebrities. If you peruse the internet on the daily basis, checking out social media feeds, chances are you’ll come across as many cute cats as you do celebrity gossip. Everything else just becomes peripheral. It’s hard to imagine what would happen to the internet without cats and celebrities — would it just become an empty void of nothingness? We assume puppies would have to step in to do the hard yards and try to fill the gap, although it would be a terribly big gap.

So what happens when celebrities and cats COLLIDE? Does it create some sort of internet vacuum, sucking in everything in its wake? Or is that the apex of the internet, the very best it gets, when celebrities and cats combine into one? To find out, we’ve compiled a list of celebrities dressed as cat, most of them sexy. And while it doesn’t seem like this post has crashed the entire intent… yet… we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before mashing together the internet’s two greatest phenomenons creates some kind of temporal rift that changes humanity forever…

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