10 Questions Orange Is The New Black Season Two Needs To Answer


Orange Is The New Black Season 2

Get your snacks and caffeinated beverages ready: Orange Is The New Black‘s second season is officially here! The Netflix original we and so many others became obsessed with last summer is back, bringing more from inside our favorite fictional women’s prison. Season 1 may have ended during the joyous holiday season, but the last time we saw Piper (Taylor Schilling) things weren’t so pretty: she was left out in the cold with hands stained by the blood of Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning). In other words, this can’t be good for her chances at a wedding.

While OITNB is a show that’s too easy to binge watch, we recommend going at your own pace. To help prepare for what’s to come in those episodes you’re either about to dive into or are saving for the weekend, here are some burning questions we hope get answered in Season 2:

Orange Is The New Black: Piper gets bloody

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1. Will Piper’s role in the fight add to her sentence?

Piper originally arrived at Litchfield with a 15-month sentence stemming from drug trafficking charges. She and fiance Larry (Jason Biggs) thought they would be able to breeze through a little over a year apart, not expecting the emotional duress such distance could put them through. Season 1 ended with Piper beating Pennsatucky to a bloody pulp outside the Christmas pageant — she had it coming — leading us to believe she’ll at least be slapped with an extended trip to the SHU. Healy saw what was about to go down, but he hates Piper so it’s unlikely he’ll defend her.

2. Is Piper really alone?

Piper finagled her way into getting a prison marriage approved, just as Alex (Laura Prepon) informed Larry that they had been sleeping together. A lot. When we last saw Larry he was breaking up with his fiance over the phone. And when Piper attempted to go to Alex for comfort, Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) had just removed her hand from inside Alex’s pants.

Piper eventually rekindled things with Alex in prison, in part to pass the time and most likely in part because she really cares about her. When she found out Alex did name her, and thus, is the reason she’s doing time, she broke things off entirely. Alex getting frisky with Nicky (or letting Nicky get frisky with her) could mean she’s moved on faster than expected. But if Larry is really done, will Piper again try to go crawling back? Alex says she won’t allow it (“You may never come to me again. Ever.”) but prison Barbie needs the attention from somewhere. Prepon worried fans by revealing she’ll only be in four episodes of Season 2, but any OITNB fan knows that one episode is all a character needs to leave a mark.

3. Will Taystee stay in the library?

We saw what happens when Taystee ventures outside the prison home she’s come to know so well. Without a job, a proper place to live, the library and friends like Poussey, Litchfield’s most energetic inmate is lost, and without a comfortable support system to fall back on. She’s back in the Litch for now, but we hope she takes time to realize there really is a life for her outside the prison walls.

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