Everywhere You’ve Seen The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Before


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One of the biggest shows (not) on TV right now has to be Orange Is the New Black. When the show returned with season 2 on June 6 all anyone could do was discuss the show and try not to spoil the Netflix series for each other. Thanks to the marathon appeal of the show, it’s easy to watch the entire series in one long weekend. But if there’s one complaint about the series — though not a serious one — is its large cast, which includes Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon and Jason Biggs, that are sometimes hard to keep track of. While there are a number of newcomers on the show (Danielle Brooks, Yael Stone), the show boasts a huge roster of talent that has made its mark in Hollywood. From Star Trek: Voyager to Sister Act, these ladies in orange have appeared in just about everything that you loved and watched before, leaving you to ponder, “Where have I seen her before?”

Would you believe that Selenis Leyva (Gloria, the prison’s head cook) has played both the victim and a detective on NBC’s long running series, Law & Order? Prior to being “Crazy Eyes,” Uzo Aduba was a Broadway star, appearing in the revival of Godspell. Then there are some true gems in the pack: Annie Golden (silent Norma) was the lead singer of a ’80s punk group, Constance Shulman (Yoga Jones) was the voice of Patti on Doug, and Beth Fowler (Sister Jane) has played a nun all her life.

If you think it’s fun to see the cast in unfamiliar roles then watch everyone impersonate each other on the red carpet:


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