In Front Of The Cameras: Shocking Celebrity Moments That Unfolded On Live Television


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Today marks 20 years since the infamous car chase involving O.J. Simpson, as he apparently tried to elude Los Angeles authorities during the investigation into the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. Anyone old enough to remember images of that white Ford Bronco on an interstate highway probably recalls being glued to the television as we all waited to find out how the chase was going to end.

That incident still sticks out as one of the times we all rushed toward our televisions, hoping to watch a memorable moment unfold right before our very eyes. Whether the moments were amusing, sad, or simply shocking, one thing is true — we were totally captivated by those bits of live TV.

Just a few years back in 2009, reports of a medical emergency at Michael Jackson‘s home prompted us all to rush to our screens to find out what was happening. Little did we know, we were watching the events that led to the pop icon’s demise.

So which other celebrities have had pivotal parts of their sagas play out while the cameras were rolling? Browse through our gallery to see who made our list.

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