Melanie Griffith’s Heart Is Empty After Antonio Banderas Split


Melanie Griffith removes Antonio tattoo

For some, break-ups force you to deal with returning a box of junk that belongs to your ex or finding a new apartment. For Melanie Griffith, splitting from Antonio Banderas has left her with no choice but to cover the name of the man that has blissfully lived on her right shoulder for years.

Melanie Griffith's Antonio tattoo

Melanie Griffith’s “Antonio” tattoo earlier this month.

Griffith was seen Thursday night in Taormina, Italy at the Baume & Mercier Promesse Taromina Award dinner with the one-time “Antonio” heart tattoo almost invisible. Earlier this week she made her first public appearance since their split was announced covered up the “Antonio” with makeup, leaving the outline of the heart still visible. We’re being economical here, but why not just opt for wearing sleeves? Good concealer is pricey. Major life changes like a break-up allow for questionable tattoos like this one to be meticulously covered up or permanently removed. But, just between us, how many of Mel’s friends have rolled their eyes at that thing over the years? It’s big and garish; maybe this is a blessing in disguise?

You keep doing you, Melanie. And if you decide to permanently remove your “Antonio” heart tattoo, you have our full support. Removing tattoos has become a popular option for stars and us normals who were dumb enough to get the name of a one-time lover inked on our skin. Check out some other celebs who are putting up with the pain in order to move one step closer to closure. Or, who finally realized that vague Chinese symbols that likely don’t mean what a tattoo artist thinks they do are totally out.

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