20 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About The Orange Is The New Black Cast


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Even though we’ve finished binge-watching season two of Orange Is The New Black, our obsession has yet to wane. Last week we trawled through Instagram to follow all our favorite OITNB stars, and this week we’re discovering things about them we previously never even imagined possible. The cast, being so diverse, definitely has a few secrets between them, and we’ve got the juiciest ones for you.

Want to know what Laura Prepon‘s natural hair color actually is? What Yael Stone‘s real accent sounds like? Who is dating whom on-set? And whose wife hired a prostitute? There’s some pretty salacious tidbits we bet you didn’t know about your favorite OITNB actors, so click through our gallery to make sure you’re as deeply informed as you could be.

And learn who OITNB star Danielle Brooks would choose as a prison wife and how she perfected Taystee’s signature dance moves, by watching the video below.

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