Rush Star Larenz Tate Credits His Youthful Good Looks To “Vampire Blood”



Legendary actor Larenz Tate is super busy right now promoting his new USA show RUSH along with the film Gun Hill, but luckily we both just happened to be in the same VH1 elevator on the same day. WHEW!!!

I mean, he’s been one of my favorite actors since way back in his Menace II Society days, so how could I NOT freak out? 20 years later and he still looks good — thanks to the apparent vampire blood running through his veins. (Whatever works, right?) I never thought I’d stalk him in an elevator, let alone get acting lessons and advice on how to play twins. AWESOME! I think meeting Larenz Tate defiantly counts as a life moment for me. WOOHOO!!!!

See what happens when I ambush stars like Cee Lo Green, David Alan Grier and more, in the gallery below.

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