Liv Tyler Is Not Sad — She’s Actually Really Happy


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Liv Tyler is sad — at least, according to the Internet. Thanks to the new HBO series, The Leftovers, and Vulture (see Lindsey Weber’s “The Saddest Faces of Liv Tyler, Who Is Always Sad”), one would think that the actress is upset all the time. But when Tyler spoke to VH1, it became clear that she is, in fact, not miserable. “They just picked every sad face,” Tyler said with a chuckle in response to the story. “I challenge them to make a happy face one.”

Here at VH1, we will not let a challenge go unanswered, so we pulled together the actress’ happiest moments from her 20-year film career to prove that Tyler is a happy person. (Check it out the gallery above.)

But what also makes Tyler happy is talking about her varied career, which includes cult classics (Empire Records), Tom Hanks’ directorial debut (That Thing You Do!), and one of her father’s music videos. The actress recalled memories of some of our favorite roles:

Favorite memory from Empire Records:

“I just remember it was a special time. We were all so young. There were so many great actors. It was sort of the beginning of all our careers in a way. We lived on the beach in these condos and would all eat dinner together, spend time together, and everyone had dogs. We just had a blast!”

Why working with Tom Hanks was the best:

“He was amazing director. I think he did a really good job… [That Thing You Do!] was one of my favorite movies I’ve ever made. It was so fun. Everywhere we went there were all those real state fairs and they had them all set up with the stuffed animals and all the games. It was incredible — all the sets and everything.”

Watching herself on MTV:

“I remember in the morning we used to watch the MTV countdown — the morning countdown with the top ten videos. I used to put it on when I woke up in the morning when I was getting ready. Whenever my video [for "Crazy"] came on that’s when I would go jump in the shower or go into the other room because I was too shy to watch it.”

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