Woody Allen’s Many On-Screen May-December Romances


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By Christopher Rosa

If you watched Woody Allen‘s latest film, Magic in the Moonlight over the weekend, you may have noticed something interesting about its romantic leads: Emma Stone and Colin Firth have a 28-year age difference between them. This example of a May-December romance is drastic but — surprise, surprise — not uncommon in Allen’s films.

The director must have a fascination with the older man, younger woman affair because this sort of pairing runs rampant in his filmography. From his critically acclaimed musical-comedy Everyone Says I Love You (1996) to kooky crime fare like Small Time Crooks(2000), several of his pictures feature at least one cradle-robbing encounter, no matter how brief. We’ve assembled 10 particularly salacious pairings with the approximate age each actor or actress was at the time of filming. Some have 20, 30 or even 40-year age gaps. In other words, some of these actors could have run for president before their co-stars were even born. To each his own, we guess.

Check out the gallery above to find out where Magic in the Moonlight falls in the spectrum of Allen’s biggest May-December romances on-screen.

[Photo Credit: Sony, Miramax]

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