Stripper Wigs, Sizzurp, and Sky-Writing: 10 Next-Level Celebrity Meltdowns


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We’ve all had our rough patches. We don’t know a single person who hasn’t had a minor meltdown, a hissy fit, or even a mild psychotic break (everyone has That Cousin). But when A-list celebrities freak-out, they’re just so extra with it. They take it to a whole new level, make it theatrical. If it’s a really good meltdown, it could even look like performance art.

Take Shia LaBeouf, for example. Getting a DUI in Vegas or whatever would’ve been too mundane. No, he had to plagiarize a film, plagiarize an apology, apologize for both plagiarisms in sky-writing above the city of Los Angeles, and then chase a homeless man around Times Square. Genius! And then there are the rash of celebs who fall apart by rolling up on complete stranger’s houses, begging admittance, claiming to be God, or just sneaking in and passing out somewhere (we’re looking at you, Anne Heche, Amanda Bynes, and Martin Lawrence). In honor of these uber-dramatic hissy fits, let’s take a look at our favorite ones from the past 20 years.

Don’t remember Amanda Bynes’ crazy 2013? Allow this to refresh your memory.

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