Shark Week 2014: The Quick-And-Dirty Viewing Guide



The New: 

9 p.m.: Alien Sharks 2: Return to the Abyss
Researcher Paul Clerkin treks deep into the Indian Ocean to investigate a new shark species and see the  last known group of bioluminescent sharks. Don’t miss this one, guys.

10 p.m.: Lair of the Mega Shark
Kurr returns with fellow shark expert Andy Casagrande; they journey to  New Zealand and investigate sightings of a 20-foot great white known as  the “lord of the sharks.”  Think Big Foot, only under water.

Must-Watch Oldie-But-Goodie:

12 p.m.: Blood in the Water
This special explores the real shark attacks in 1916 that inspired the 1975 classic  Jaws

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