Jarvis Wants Oscar Winner Mira Sorvino To Get Into His Head



It’s not every day that someone just casually bumps into an Oscar-winning actress in an elevator. Well, maybe not casually. More like energetically forced, but still. Mira Sorvino!

How could I not freak out? Thank God Mira was as graceful and patient as ever. She had no problem answering my questions about her new BBC America show, Intruders. She warned me all about the series’ crazy twists and turns, and how, in the show, people can seek refuge in other people’s brains. Eek! It sounds crazy, but sign me up for a season pass.

Now, I couldn’t call myself a true Mira Sorvino fan if I didn’t talk to her about her iconic role in my favorite movie of all time, Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion. And praises be, she was all about it! We even did the prom dance together. Wow, I’m freaking out! I may need to go see a chiropractor now, but it’s OK. For Mira Sorvino, it’s totally worth it!

Want to see interviews of other celebs I’ve found in the elevator? Check out the video gallery below for my chats with Adam Pally, Cee Lo Green, Estelle, and more.

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