These Five Celebrities Summered Harder Than You Did


Summer 2014 Reese Witherspoon

Summer is coming to an end, which means there are only a handful of days left to wear white pants and strike up a romance with someone you don’t see a future with. If you managed to get away to the beach, congratulations! You certainly know how to take advantage of the extra daylight, but you’ll never have as much fun as these celebrities did.

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s lustrous man bun seemed to hit every exclusive beach on the map, while Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez’s European jaunt went on for so long we almost sent out a missing persons report. Summer love doesn’t always last, but at least it gives us wonderful shirtless horseback riding photos.

In order to make the most of the days we have left, we’re looking to those who gave us vacation envy in order to learn how to do better. These five stars know how to summer (yes, as a verb). But who’s having the best one ever?

Reese Witherspoon

In between filming Don’t Mess with Texas opposite the lovely Sofia Vergara, the Oscar winner found time for trips to the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean and Italy (Capri and Positano, respectively). It was in Italy that she attended a wedding and danced her face off to “I Will Survive,” proving that group sing a-longs are always fun no matter how big your bank account. This is the moment where we knew we had to raise our wedding guest game STAT.

Reese Witherspoon dancing

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