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LISTEN UP: Feeling Feisty

Shameless Complacency has the new Feist video and mp3 for “1,2,3,4”. Watch it, download it, and fall deeper and deeper in love with her (like I did).

  • Oh, and for numbers 5, 6, and 7 hit up the Merry Swankster. Click the link and you’ll get it (and by “it” I mean tracks by Liz Phair and Iggy Pop).
  • Speed of Dark gets you ready for the weekend with Elliott Smith covering Neil Young, Death Cab covering The Cure, and David Gray covering The Killers.
  • Bag of Songs posted a Friday the 13th mix that features songs by The White Stripes, Wilco, Modest Mouse and more.
  • And finally head on over to The Music Slut for “I Wanna F*ck You” by The Ponys. Because what else would you expect from a music slut?
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    Other Things That Could Potentially Offend The Rutgers’ Women’s Basketball Team

    nappy headed ho.jpgThe Rutgers’ women’s basketball team’s long, painful nightmare is over. Don Imus– the EVIL Don Imus– is off the air and we as a nation are safe again.

    Of course, this isn’t all good for our favorite band of nappy headed… I’m not going to say it. With Imus out of the picture, what are these media savvy athletes going to do for attention now? No Imus means no more Oprah, no more headlines, and no more relevance… that is, unless they could find something else to complain about. Why stop with Imus- there are plenty of things out there to be offended about.

    • NBC is racist. Why else would they cancel The Black Donnellys?
    • They just realized that Ludacris’ song about ho’s in different area codes neglects Rutgers’ 732.
    • By shaving her head and going to rehab, Britney Spears went from an honorary Nappy Headed Ho’ to just a ho’. The nerve.
    • Whatever happened to Nappy Roots? Why haven’t they released a new album? Why aren’t they stepping up now, when we need them? It’s just plain wrong.
    • This Sanjaya bulls*t. Period.
    • If Al Sharpton was really on their side, why wouldn’t he let his nappy hair be nappy? Hypocrite.
    • Remember that WWE Wrestler in the late 90’s named The Godfather who walked to the ring with a bunch of women he nicknamed “The Ho’ Train’? In retrospect, that’s kind of offensive.
    • And finally, no one– and I mean no one– should ever call a vagina this. Ever.

    So you see, this is just the beginning for the ladies of Rutgers. Get crackin’ girls- you have a lot of work to do.


    VIDEO HITS ONE: Hiiiiiiii, Switchfoot

    Congratulations, record company executive people, you finally figured out a way to trick me into watching a Switchfoot video. I very well could’ve gone my entire life without hearing a Switchfoot song (on purpose), but then you went ahead and cast Buster from Arrested Development as a hard-rocking, Guitar Hero-playing maniac and ruined everything. You win. Don’t rub it in.


    …Of The Day


    • PRAYERS, VITAMINS, PRENUPS: Is Hulk Hogan thinking about getting a divorce? Couldn’t he and his wife just resolve their problems like adults with a steel cage match instead? (I’m Not Obsessed)
    • MR. & MRS. RICH: Brad and Angelina are buying a $270 million yacht. And then, once they finish adopting two babies from every country in the world, they’ll be ready for the flood. (Hot Online News)
    • LOCK THE LIQUOR CABINET: Lindsay Lohan and Colin Farrell have reportedly both signed on to star in a drama together. And, in leiu of money, they’ve agreed to be paid solely in condoms. (Just Jared)
    • NEVER SAY NEVERLAND: It looks like Michael Jackson is close to selling Neverland for $20 million. Or, in MJ speak, for 3 sleepovers, 2 handys and approximately 4.5 “just don’t tell anybody”s. (Idolator)
    • F FOREVER: Pete Doherty and Kate Moss are, indeed, getting married. Then divorced. Then they’re going to rehab. Then they’ll get out and Pete will O.D. Then Kate will tearfully appear on Larry King Live. And write a book. And quietly disappear into the night. Whoops, sorry about that. Didn’t mean to ruin the ending. (Hollywood Rag)


    If We Can’t Charge Him With A Hit & Run, Can We At Least Arrest James Blunt For Being Annoying?

    jamesblunt.jpgWhen I learned that the LAPD was investigating a James Blunt hit & run incident back in February, I’m not going to lie, I was a little excited. I don’t think that makes me a bad person– I wasn’t rooting for James to get charged with a Prison Break-dude manslaughter crime or anything– I was just kind of hoping that the “Beautiful” one would have to spend some time in court (or, okay, a few months behind bars) and maybe it woud’ve delay his next album. C’mon, you can’t blame me- he’s ANNOYING.

    Well, according to TMZ, that’s not going to happen.

    Blunt’s attorney, Steven M. Cron, tells us, “Allegations that a member of the paparazzi was the victim of a hit-and-run by James Blunt have been investigated by the LAPD… and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has rejected the filing of any charges against Mr. Blunt.”

    At the time of the incident, several witnesses said that Blunt, who was with model/ex-girlfriend Petra Nemcova, drove an SUV over a man’s leg while pulling away from a Hollywood party. The alleged victim was thought to be an autograph seeker, but is actually a member of the paparazzi.

    Sad news, I know. Perhaps the most depressing part of the story, though, is this sentence fragment at the very end:

    Blunt, who is currently in Los Angeles recording the follow up to his chart-topping debut, Back to Bedlam, has since…

    There it is. We’re too late. No hit & run charges can save us now. A new album is coming and there’s nothing we can do about it. Pray for me, people. No… pray for us.


    ICYMI: Wham In Japan

    What’s so funny about an old 80’s commercial that features George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley of Wham hawking Maxell cassette tapes in Japan? Everything– especially if you pretend that the commercial is just coming out there now.

    Video via TV In Japan, obviously.


    LISTEN UP: She’s The Boss


    • The Late Greats posted a few tracks by Megan Mullally. Yeah, it’s the real Megan Mullally, not some lame hipster band with an ironic name. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.
    • When you’re done rockin’ out to MM, head over to Copy, Right and listen to some Alyssa Milano. I don’t know what’s going on today either.
    • The darkerradio Blog und Podcast has a couple of tracks by Grinderman, including the song “No Pussy Blues” which I think has to do with his apartment’s “no pets” policy.
    • Head on over to Open Your Eyes for some brand new Silverchair. Yeah, they’re still around- who knew???
    • And finally, go to The Culture of Me and download “Popular” by Nada Surf. Especially if you’re never last picked or you’re a cheerleader chick.


    Make $$$ With The Will Ferrell Movie Generator

    will ferrell.jpgAt this point it’s not even a joke anymore. The success of Anchorman, Talladega Nights and Blades Of Glory has proven that there is but one sure thing in Hollywood: If you cast Will Ferrell in a formulaic comedy you will make a s**tload of money. And here’s the best part– it doesn’t even matter what the plot is! Just give Will a funny name, an interesting profession and a talented, funny sidekick and it’s money in the bank. If you don’t believe me, just check out Collegehumor’s Will Ferrell Movie Generator. Click the “Write A New Movie” button and bam! you’re just seconds away from a nice big payday and your first major motion picture screenwriting credit.

    Will Ferrell plays Larry Voorhees, an egotistical, obnoxious zookeeper at the top of his profession. He and his sidekick, played by Luke Wilson, seem invincible until their dominance is threatened by a new rival. Larry Voorhees’s excessive pride causes him to spiral downward to comical lows.

    And that’s just the beginning. Naturally there are catchphrases, lessons learned, and surprise cameos from other members of the Frat Pack. Go check it out now– and try to honestly tell me that you wouldn’t pay $10 to see 98% of the crap it spits out. Damn right you would. (Leave your favorite one in the Comments)


    ICYMI: Pedophile Gladiators

    What happens when you combine two of the most amazing shows of the last 20 years (To Catch a Predator and American Gladiators. Not Just The Ten of Us and Out of This World)? You get “Pedophile Gladiators,” courtesy of the folks at The only thing it’s missing is a cameo by Nitro. C’mon, like he had something better to do.


    …Of The Day

    • WORTH THE TREK: Rosario Dawson came out as a Trekkie who speaks Klingon on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Not surprisingly, her “coming out” got nerds more excited than George Takei’s did.(Horny Oyster)
    • SHAVE THE CHEERLEADER: Hayden Panttiere doesn’t want to be mistaken for Lindsay Lohan. Especially when she’s licking boobs and acting like Lindsay Lohan. (Egotastic)
    • HARDLY WORKING: Apparently actors make more money portraying characters with jobs than the regular people who actually have these jobs. Which is shocking, because I could’ve sworn that every desperate housewife made $5 million a year.(Defamer)
    • SUCKING IN: Britney Spears has denied that she’s had liposection. C’mon, like she’d do something all crazy like that! (Hollywood Rag)
    • PARTY MONSTER: Dina Lohan was spotted out drinking with a group of 20-year-olds. Or maybe it was Lindsay. Honestly, who can tell those two apart these days? (Celebslam)