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BWEXCLUSIVE: World Premiere Of Heidi Montag’s New Music Video!

Well we already showed you some set pictures from Heidi Montag’s new 80’s aerobics-themed music video, and through our shadowy network of terrible idea operatives, has managed to get out hands on an exclusive preview copy of the video itself! As much as I want to hate on this, I’ve got to say it’s much better than her unintentionally hilarious video for “Higher”, and it even shows signs of an evolving creative maturity from boyfriend/groundbreaking auteur Spencer Pratt. The new song’s called “Get In Shape, Girls!” (we think this might be directed towards that cow LC) – anyway, check it out!

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ICYMI: Fuel Prices Hit Crisis Level As Diddy Is Finally Forced To Fly Commercial Airlines

These crazy gas prices have us all feeling the pinch at the pump this summer, but even as I cringed at 50 bucks for a half tank of gas, never did I realize that things had gotten so supremely bad that my boy Diddy has been reduced to flying American Airlines with the common plebes for his bi-coastal jaunts to LA. According to the latest Diddy blog, round-trip fuel for his private jet has been running the Bad Boy about a quarter of a million dollars these days, meaning that it’s just become more fiscally prudent for His Diddyness to fly first-class or even coach for a couple grand instead of unnecessarily dropping 250K to pretend he’s in a rap video every time he needs to take a meeting in Hollywood about a new reality show idea he had in his Diddy dream last night. Gas prices are too motherf*cking high, people. Diddy, standing at an airline gate, with REGULAR PEOPLE. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. George Bush doesn’t care about Diddy, that’s for sure. Also, are you listening Saudi Arabian people and other folks with some oil? Send Diddy some oil for his jet, please. This is out of control.


While You Were Saying Bye To The All-Beijing All-The-Time Channel


  • An LA cop pulled his gun on Diddy during a routine traffic stop this weekend. The officer was later cited for improper brandishing of a firearm and excessive bitchassness.
  • Gwen Stefani has given birth to her second child, a boy named Zuma Nesta Rock. It’s like they just drew three words out a hat filled with wacky rock star baby names.
  • Here’s a depressing way to start your Monday morning: see how much the brainsucks on The Hills make per episode!
  • Is hot new celebrity couple Mayerazzi on the outs!?! We were just starting to get used to them.
  • Hey kids, Gary Glitter’s back in London!


Apparently Nobody Told Baltimore The Wire Was Over

41755264.jpgEven though HBO’s gritty drama The Wire has been off the air for months now, show or no show, apparently the city of Baltimore is going right on with the same drug-and-thug plotlines, because Felicia Pearson, the real-life killer who no one could ever forget as chilly hitwoman “Snoop” in the last couple seasons of the series, was just arrested on minor drug charges while police were trying to pick her up for refusing to cooperate as a witness in a murder trial.

Once inside the home, police said, they found two cigars containing suspected marijuana in an upstairs bedroom, and “loose plant material” was recovered from the top of a kitchen cabinet. Pearson was charged with one count of drug possession yesterday and was being held at Central Booking.

Authorities said Pearson watched Lashley stab three men, killing one, after an argument that began outside New York Fried Chicken on The Block in the fall of 2005, and she is expected to be called as a witness during the trial.

Wait, so they ripped Snoop for some blunts!?! Sure, she watched one of her boys stab a guy, but she’s Snoop – that’s WHAT SHE DOES. You can’t go brining charges on Snoop for some blunts. Some rook is probably ruining Lester’s whole investigation with this bullsh*t.


CAPTION THIS: Chuckie Doodle Dandy

Chuck Bass puts his pants on just like the rest of us – one leg at a time. Except his pants are red, and once he puts them on, he makes girls get pregnant…with his mind. But seriously, is this guy ever not in character?


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DIDDEO: Diddy Holds Diddy To The Diddiest Of Standards

We all know how candid and seemingly cruel Diddy can be when dealing with underlings on shows such as Making the Band and I Want To Work For Diddy. But that’s cool, he’s earned that, because he’s Diddy. But diddy you know that Diddy also holds Diddy to the same high Diddy-like standards as Diddy does everyone else? It’s true! Just watch this video, in which upon discovering and unsightly tummy paunch around the time he’s getting ready to drop his next album, Diddy gets down and dirty on Diddy himself, saying he needs to shape up his sh*t if he wants to roll with Diddy. Then Diddy goes on the Diddy Diet, which is where you bet two million dollars with yourself on whether or not you can lose the weight and be a Bad Boy, bitch. And that’s when the acid kicks in.


5 Possible Futures For Michael Phelps

phelps_Cams.jpgNow that he’s out of the pool, with no more races to win or records to break, Michael Phelps has a bit of a problem. Perched mightily atop the apex of modern athletic achievement, with the white hot light of International Superstardom now pointed directly at him, Phelps is in the unfamiliar position of having to perform for a worldwide audience by doing something other than that with which he’s most comfortable: swimming. And as anyone who’s ever had the mixed blessing of being “on top” of anything can tell you, the only place left to go is back down.

With a figure like Phelps, who has been so universally praised in the press, hailed as a hero by the millions of Americans who watched as he made history, and achieved a level of fame usually reserved for Jesus and Burt Reynolds in the 70’s, the eventual media backlash is inevitable – and our own jokey, superficial assessment of some his poorer fashion choices is just a toe dipped in the cesspool of cruel, insatiably hungry TMZ cameras and tabloid gossip monsters so eagerly awaiting his return stateside. As America’s love affair with Phelps finally begins to cool, his every move is going to be captured, scrutinized and criticized until the modern media has managed to mold and shape him into whatever story arc they ultimately choose for him (hint: it will be whichever one proves most profitable). He hasn’t even gotten back from Beijing yet and fame-baggage such as cereal box scandals and the rumored lust of Lindsay Lohan have already managed to enter his sphere of orbit. Only time can tell what will ultimately become of Michael Phelps, but for the sake of speculation, here are five possible futures he could be facing, as demonstrated by legendary swimmers of Olympics past.


Option 1: Become A Pseduo-Celebrity

Role Models: The most obvious comparison – and one Phelps himself has been complicit in making with his Sports Illustrated cover homage – is with 70’s swimming icon Mark Spitz. After setting 7 world records at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Spitz returned to lucrative endorsement deals and the enthusiastic courtship of the fickle folks in Hollywood, due as much to his movie star looks as his world champ status, a fact about which he himself once bragged publicly. However, the Golden Boy image and swingin’ 70’s style couldn’t make up for his spectacular inability to act, and the film and TV offers soon gave way to the occasional bit part and sports broadcasting gig. These days he mostly does commercials and talks about swimming. Bruce Jenner – while not a swimmer, but a decathlete – could also provide a potential cautionary tale as someone whose Olympic achievements were ultimately eclipsed by an unfortunate appearance in the Village People biopic Can’t Stop The Music, giving birth to Brody Jenner, and becoming the standing patriarch of the Kim Kardashian Klan.

How Phelps Could Achieve This: In today’s celebrity-centric media landscape, this seems to be the path most easily and obviously taken by Phelps. Today it’s the cover of the Frosted Flakes box and text messaging with Lindsay Lohan, final stop: I Love Money: Season Four and Phelps-brand swimming floaties.

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ICYMI: Donald Trump Infomercial Host Completely Loses Her Sh*t When Confronted With The Awesome Majesty Of Donald Trump

Being that what you are about to see takes place during an infomercial for the Donald Trump Rich Guy Business Kit or whatever, it’s pretty clear that this crazylady is actually being paid by Donald Trump to be completely blown away by the magnificent presence of Donald Trump. Ergo, it can be assumed that this hilariously cartoonish awe is actually the reaction that Donald Trump imagines he inspires in others. Though I would bet that, if we could actually see what he sees in his brain (and we couldn’t, because we’d be blinded by it’s beauty), she would also be fellating him atop a giant pile of money while a host of heavenly angels all sing the Hallelujah chorus in honor of him. See yet another amazing interaction between these two clowns over at Videogum, who we’d like to to high-five for bringing this to our attention in the first place. Also, does anyone know where I could find this entire infomercial? Because I’d like to watch it over and over again.