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deleted by youtube! laaaaaaame.

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LivingDying the Dream

Chuck Lamb wants to get into movies so badly that he started a website dedicated to his quest to be cast as a dead body in a major motion picture. 

While he still hasn’t fulfilled his dreams of playing possum on the big screen, his website has attracted over 250,000,000 visitors, as well as the attention of the New York Times, MSNBC and several other major media outlets.

Here’s a video of Chuck putting his skillz into action (don’t be alarmed – he’s JUST KIDDING)

Where’s Six Feet Under when you need them?


LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever

  • Beck
  • Aquarium Drunkard has posted some old tracks from Beck’s1994 indie release "One Foot In the Grave".  What’s interesting is Beck was doing "freak folk" over ten years before anyone ever heard of Devendra Banhart or Joanna Newsom.  He’s the OG (or OFF, whatever).
  • Speaking of Devendra Banhart, Muzzle of Bees has a nice group of tracks from his live appearance on KCRW’s always-amazing "Morning Becomes Eclectic".
  • MOKB’s got tracks from a Bella Union sampler.  Be sure to get Midlake’s amazing new song "Roscoe" – that track’s been ripping my iPod up!
  • Check out these tracks (scroll down) from The Figurines, and awesome new band from Denmark that sounds a little like a harder-edged, more focused version of Modest Mouse.
  • And finally, Brooklyn-based Kidsmoke has a broad-but-rocking track called "Sound It Out" available for download.


Hollywood Can’t Quit Gay-Themed Films

Now that moviemakers have realized how much America loves the gays, Hollywood is gearing up to open the floodgates and unleash a furious downpour of same-sex-love on theaters near you:


Best Oscar Pool Ever!


For me, the most interesting part about the Oscars is the self-satisfied feeling I get from predicting the outcome of the various categories – my superior ability to anticipate the fickle nature of The Academy, and the undeserving recipients of their awards, brings me tremendous amounts of satisfaction. 

If you would like to challenge my supreme Oscar wisdom, take a moment and join our Best Oscar Pool Ever.  And when you’re done with that, you can even create your own (which might make you feel better after I CRUSH YOU!)


Thanks For the Add!


In an effort to stay hip with what all you "crazy kids" are up to these days, your friends here at Best Week Ever Online have decided to take the plunge in the exotic and exciting world of MySpace!

So add us as your friend!

Don’t be shy, just think of all the fun we’re gonna have: bulletins, witty comments recounting inside jokes, endless surverys and chain
messages, unclear pictures taken from weird angles, "online drama", anonymously stalking you and your friends…you see where we’re going with this.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even meet up for a "blind date" and you’ll be horrified by how we’ve misrepresented ourselves online. 

Seriously, this is gonna be great!  Besides, don’t you want to know which character from The OC we are?


Experimenting With Drug Ads


Someone recently pointed me in the direction of an AWESOME new series of anti-drug ads created by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, aimed at convincing teenagers to overcome the temptations of peer pressure and avoid the dangers of experimenting with drugs.

As I’m no longer a teenager, and have long since succumbed to the temptations of peer pressure, I thought I would do a little more "experimenting" of my own by watching the ads from the "Above the Influence" campaign, under the influence.  My findings are after the jump.

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SIZZLER: Paris and Val?


While we have no idea when these photos were taken (or in what context), it sure looks like Paris Hilton is doing what she does best with none other than Val Kilmer!  It sort of makes me wonder – if Paris Hilton has sex with somebody, and no one is there to photograph it…did it ever really happen?

Hilton’s random herpes swaps usually aren’t even that interesting anymore, but I think Iceman’s comments back in October make this one kind of newsworthy. 

(via ONTD)