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Finders Keepers


Lindsay Lohan has recently sufferend yet another mishap in the series of unfortunate events that she calls her life – she lost her personal diary.  LiLo and her handlers are terribly concerned that her deepest, most intimate secrets might somehow fall into the wrong hands and further tarnish the starlet’s spotty reputation.

Luckily, the journal fell into the right hands.  Ours.  See some of the juicier excerpts below!

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Billy Corgan Pro Wrestler???

The Smashing Pumpkins were rumored to headline Coachella this year, but since they’re not, we’re going to share with you this classic clip of Billy Corgan’s appearance on ECW, nearly getting his pumpkin smashed for being a "devil worshiper" (wrestling fans don’t like devil worshippers). 


Corn Flakes: Your Essential Inessentials



Papa’s “Ow!”


When not playing with his knob, showing off his nodding moves and doing strange tribal dances, K-Fed has been working hard on his parenting skillz.  When Kevin recently took his infant son Preston in to get his ear pierced, big momma Britney apparently rushed to stop her brain-dead husband from blinging up the baby. 

Britney reportedly complained that piercing Preston’s ear would seem "trashy" – and coming from her, it would be hard to get any trashier without being in a landfill.  I guess Kevin’s dreams of turning his child into Vanilla Ice will have to wait another day.


Are You Ready For Some Football?


If you’re already gearing up for Sunday’s Super Bowl Big and Tall, click on over to for "more than complete mega-coverage" of "all the latest in sports – so your friends don’t think you’re queer".