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“Did you know Bill Brasky?”


It’s things like this that make me love the creators of Wikipedia.  Here a few fun facts about SNL’s mythical drinking buddy, Bill Brasky (as written by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay):

  • "I went camping with Brasky, his wife, and his daughter Debbie! Debbie Brasky. She’s 7-years-old, goes about 3’5", 55 pounds. So, I’m in the back of a pickup with Bill Brasky and a live deer! Well, Brasky, he grabs the deer by the antlers, looks at it and says, "I’m Bill Brasky! Say it!" Then he squeezes the deer in such a way that a sound comes out of its mouth – "Billbrasky!" It wasn’t exactly it, but it was pretty good for a deer!"
  • "Bill Brasky once gave me a videotape of him having sex with my wife, and it was the most beautiful damn thing I ever saw!"
  • "Did I ever tell you about the time I had breakfast with Brasky? Brasky drank a full glass of liquid LSD with his eggs. Then he slept for eight months straight. When he woke up, he rubbed his eyes and said, ‘All in all, I prefer gin!’"
  • "He’s a 10-foot-tall beast man, who showers in vodka, and feeds his baby Shrimp Scampi."


For Your Consideration


With the Academy Award nominations announcement coming up on Tuesday morning, Hollywood is currently bathing itself in fear, Xanax and delusion.  But who really cares about their glitzy back-patting party, when the only awards that truly matter – the Razzies – have begun taking their yearly inventory of Tinseltown’s most awful godawfulness?

Don’t just sit there – go vote for your least favorite movies and stars.  With the Razzies, you ARE the Academy!


8 Minute Abs-olutely Fabulous!


From the Press Gazette:

Men’s Health magazine has put one of its own writers on the cover after readers complained that its six-packed cover stars presented an unrealistic goal for ordinary blokes.

I get the "exercise" thing, but does this also mean I have to start watching The L Word, shopping at French Connection and making catty comments during Academy Awards red carpet shows?

Ok, I admit it.  I’m bitter.


Is DNA Having the Best Week Ever?


First we hear about the Yellow Cab driver who was so infuriated by Paris Hilton’s drunken taxicab " bladder accident" that he saved the soiled rag he used to clean up her mess as a DNA sample to prove to the world that she’s a really "sloppy" drunk. 

And now that rumors of Clay Aiken’s love of Military Men are spreading across the Internets like wildfire, it turns out that the American Idol’s Drill Sergeant has saved some DNA specimens of his own.

DNA – it’s everywhere.  Literally. 


Eternal Confusion of the Comic’s Mind


Check out the new trailer for Michel Gondry’s forthcoming documentary chronicling Dave Chappelle’s Block Party last year in Brooklyn.  Early reports are suggesting that the film starts strong, but then falls apart after Dave inexplicably leaves the party just as it’s getting good.


Hide the Children!


In this installment of Hide the Children!, actress Meg Ryan adopts a baby girl from China, becoming the latest celebrity to kidnap rescue a child from the horrors of a normal life.   

Coming soon – Save the Children: the Hottest Adoption Boutique on Rodeo Drive.