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Vegas Odds: Who Would Demi Lovato Most Like To Collaborate With?

Question: Who Would Demi Lovato Most Like To Collaborate With?

Body Text: Demi Lovato has undergone a pretty dramatic year, and is now back in the spotlight, looking and sounding better than ever. Her latest album Unbroken is getting rave reviews, and her single “Skyscraper” is already becoming the Song of the Autumn! (That’s a thing, right?) Demi was also VH1’s Posted Artist of the Month in September, which is why we are extremely psyched to bring you a new series here called Demi Lovato’s Vegas Odds. We asked Demi a series of questions, she told us the answers, and now it’s up to you to see how well you know your favorite singing sensation. Last week, we asked Demi who her dream co-star is. Demi answered Ryan Gosling. This week, we’ve asked Demi to tell us which singer she’d most like to collaborate with. You might be surprised at who Demi picked! Give it your best shot and we’ll reveal the answer next week.


Best Quiz Ever: SNL Quotes From The 70s

If you thought yesterday’s quiz was hard, get ready for today’s! You might want to consider giving your parents a call to help answer some of these toughies. Good luck!

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Best Quiz Ever: Famous SNL Quotes of the 2000s

Hey, remember these? A few weeks back, we tested out a new feature called Best Quiz Ever. Well, based on the strong response we got from you, our awesome readers, we’ve decided to make it a daily feature here on We’re going to keep things thematic as much as possible, so for the rest of this week, you’ll see that all of the quizzes are SNL related. If you ever have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see us cover, just leave them in the comments.

Without further ado, here’s today’s quiz!

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Best Quiz Ever: More Silly Song Lyrics

Thanks for playing our first ever installment of Best Quiz Ever yesterday! Based on your feedback, we’ve worked out the kinks, so today’s game should run much smoother than yesterday’s.

That said, since most of you seemed to have fun trying to name the artists who have sung some of the lamest lyrics of the last few years, we thought we’d give you guys another dose of the kinds of inane lyrics that drove Casey Kasem to early retirement. Enjoy! (Oh, and remember, if you have suggestions for future quizzes, please be sure to leave them in the comments section below.)

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Best Quiz Ever: Cracked Out Song Lyrics Edition

Good morning! We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Sporcle to bring you this new daily feature called Best Quiz Ever (clever, eh?), a simple, fun pop culture game that you’ll be able to play each and every morning. The team here at is writing these quizzes especially for you, so if you have any suggestions for future categories, please leave them in the comments section below.

Now, for today’s initial installment, we decided to take a look back at some of the silliest — some would say lamest! — lyrics that we’ve been hearing on the radio over the last couple of years. The rules are pretty easy: All you have to do is enter the names of each of the artists singing these ridiculous lyrics in the fastest time possible. We’re not giving away any prizes at the outset, but who knows, all that could change at a moment’s notice. Have fun!

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Conan O’Brien Delights Radio City Music Hall On His Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour

Ed. Note: Our beloved video editor Pete Schultz had the privilege of attending Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television at Radio City Music Hall last night. He brings you an account of the show below — M.C.

A few months ago, the same people that approved this fall schedule decided that Conan O’Brien was no longer fit to host the Tonight Show, and replaced him with an eerily human robot programmed to put old people to sleep with middling humor. But you know what they say: When God replaces a human talk show host with a soulless automaton, he gives that talk show host a sold-out nationwide comedy tour. Last night, the tour mentioned in that age-old (and very specific) adage made a stop at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. I was lucky enough to score tickets.

Full disclosure: I am a huge Conan fan. I watched Late Night with alarming regularity. I think it was the best talk show ever. As you might imagine, my expectations for last night’s performance were extraordinarily high. Well, Coco delivered big time. I loved everything about it.

Read more…


Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Dunk Or Don’t Dunk

Thanks to our yummy sponsor OREO Cakesters, we’ve brought you a series of pop culture’s biggest controversies. Now it’s time to address the biggest of them all. (And don’t laugh! This is serious business yo!)

Milk and cookies go together like Sony and Cher, like Regis and Kelly, like Simon and Paula. But what about milk and OREO Cakesters? You know, OREO Cakesters, those moist delicious snack cakes with OREO Chocolate and soft OREO creme. They are the OREO of Snack Cakes.

And so, the debate begins. To Dunk. Or Not To Dunk. Surely, Hamlet would have held up a giant OREO Cakester toward the moonlight while asking himself this very same question, had he been alive right now, and not a fictional character. While the OREO Cakester holds up on its own, some might feel a little milky goodness will help bring classic OREO eating into the new Millennium.

The cookie is now a cake. But the question remains: Do we dunk It? Or let the OREO of snack cakes get consumed by itself? Tell us what you think!


Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Family Guy vs. Futurama

Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted two of TV’s biggest comedies (The Office UK vs The Office US) and TV’s biggest comedians (Jay Leno vs Conan O’Brien) against each other. Up this week: two of TV’s biggest animated comedies.

The two torch-bearers in the post-Simpsons Fox animated realm, Family Guy and Futurama may have had similar origin stories [Fox Executive: Do some moreathese things that’re doin’ all good!] but both quickly assumed their own respective identities, and, ultimately, two largely divergent fanbases. Who ya got — Non-sequitors, deliberate offensiveness, and a bottomless pop culture archive? Or subtle nerdity, sci-fi homages and the occassional space tear-jerking moment? Love ‘em both? Hate em both?


Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: The Office (UK) vs. The Office (US)

Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted TV’s biggest comedians (Jay Leno vs Conan O’Brien) and Vampires and Sorcerers (Harry Potter vs Twilight) against each other. Up this week: two of TV’s biggest comedies.

“The British one was better!” = An ubiquitous, almost necessary refrain that quickly attached itself to anything written about the first two seasons of the Steve Carell American rebrand, and for a season or two, who could argue? The British Office was, and remains, a landmark achievement in television and humor (humour), providing more simultaneous laughs and insight into human banalities in its tidy two-season run than several entire art movements — how could a remake of an instant classic ever hope to equal, let alone surpass, its original?

Now, however, the American Office is well into its sixth season with no signs of stopping, and has clearly and unarguably carved out its own identity, at least differentiating itself — if perhaps not surpassing — the scope of the original with its expanded universe. The plots and characters have evolved to a level of detail that its intractely scripted predecesor simply couldn’t hope to achieve in its all-too-brief lifespan. Is this artistic dilution? Or just a bunch more awesome episodes of a thing we love?

13 episodes of tidy, impossibly dense, start-to-finish history-making genius, or its expanded, evolved, successully mainstreamed offspring — who do you pick? Who CAN you pick? Feel free to debate away in the comments, or just take the cop-out (and ultimately correct) answer and just love them both “equally,” like your own painfully awkward children.


Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brien

Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted Vampires and Sorcerers (Harry Potter vs Twilight) and TV comedies (Friends vs Seinfeld) against each other. Up this week: TV’s biggest comedians.

Even if your bedtime falls sometime before 11:35 p.m., you no doubt have an opinion on who should be hosting the Tonight Show on NBC. On the off-chance that your last name is Van Winkle and you’ve been hitting the snooze button on your clock radio for the last few months, here’s a primer: After a 15-year stint as host of the longest running late night program on television, Jay Leno stepped aside in June of 2009, ceding the duties to the red-headed upstart, Conan O’Brien. Well, a short six months later, ratings for the show had plummeted and NBC decided to kick Conan to the curb with nothing to pad his fall but a reported $45 million severance check (tough break!). From there, The Chin was reinstalled as the Peacock Network’s King of Late Night.

So, are you on Team Leno or Team Coco? Do you prefer your late night comedy to be bland and inoffensive or edgy and boundary pushing? Who pleases your ears more, Kevin Eubanks or Max Weinberg? You know where to sound off.