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Passion Pit EPPassion Pit is the “passion project” (pit) of Michael Angelakos, who originally created what would eventually become the Chunk of Change EP as a belated Valentine’s present for his girlfriend while enrolled in Emerson College. The last time I decided to create music for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day it turned into the White Album, and the year before that, I wrote something that eventually turned into Moby Dick (we were going through a whaling phase).

The song we chose to kick off season 16 is “Sleepyhead,” which has been getting more buzz than a beehive since Passion Pit was the toast of CMJ last fall. Sleepyhead is a perfect place to start with Passion Pit; I’d use the words “spastic” and “sublime” if I was qualified to talk about music, but I’ll also confess that I’m a sucker for anything containing synths and shrill vocals. It’s insanely catchy, plus they even got obscure yet highly respected band The Wilderness to direct the video for it, so take that, you mainstream d*cks!

Ahead, something related to porn… and a music video. Intriguing, you say? You bet it is.

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Best Night Ever for Sunday, January 11th

Michael Cyril Creighton rolled out the red carpet and had the Best Night Ever with the finest Golden Globes moments! Fingers crossed for falls, bad hair days, and ethnically insensitive remarks! Best night EVER!