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Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted TV comedies (Friends vs Seinfeld) and actresses (Aniston vs Jolie) against each other. Up this week: Vampires vs Sorcerers.

Few would disagree that Reading Is Fundamental, but the last few years have seen quite the battle emerge for the hearts of bookwormish teens. On one side, you have the Twi-Hards, whose slavish devotion to Bella, Edward, Jacob and the other principles in the Twilight series have generated billions of dollars in sales at bookstores, movie theaters and Hot Topic outlets nationwide. On the other, Potterheads remain fiercely loyal to the 2007 graduating class of Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and assert that J.K. Rowling’s seven-part series reigns supreme over Stephenie Meyers’s four novel ode to teenage abstinence.

So, what stirs up your desire to put down the remote for a few minutes? Vampires or sorcerers? Shirtless Daniel Radcliffe or shirtless Taylor Lautner? The luxuriously messy brown locks of R. Pattz or the ginger charms of Ron Weasley? Let your voice be heard below!


Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Friends vs. Seinfeld

Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted actresses (Aniston vs Jolie) and pop stars (Gaga vs Madonna) against each other. Up this week: two of TV’s biggest comedies.

Television in the 1990s was dominated by one thing and one thing only: Thursday nights on NBC. And on those nights, families would gather around the comforting blue light of their TVs to catch two hit comedies featuring entirely different groups of neurotic people: Friends vs. Seinfeld. It was the heyday of 90s comedy.

On Friends, you had a group of… friends… ranging from the anxious, to the mildly stupid, to the way too stupid to function, to snarky to an almost to an annoying but lovable degree. And then you had Seinfeld, an ingeniously written comedy with a cast that was at least as neurotic and way, way New Yorkier. Even their apartments were more realistic. Decades in New York, and we’ve never known any out of work actors and retail specialists to have an entire wall made out of windows.

Both shows hilarious, but one must reign supreme. And while Seinfeld might seem like the obvious winner, there are plennnty of folks out there who are closeted Friends fans… so please, blast that door wide open and let your Friends flag fly!

Which show will always be closer to your heart? Seinfeld or Friends? Battle it out in the comments!


Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie

It’s the battle that’s almost single-handedly powered newsstand sales of tabloid magazines for the second half of the last decade. When Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston in 2005 and quickly took up with the ravenous Angelina Jolie, gossiphounds everywhere found themselves choosing sides. After all, this wasn’t simply a story of a handsome movie star leaving one gorgeous actress for another gorgeous actress; rather, the salacious coverage morphed into a discussion that eventually became a deep-seated exploration of our country’s social mores. Should women sacrifice their careers to have children? At what point is it socially acceptable to begin dating after a divorce? And, most importantly, do men prefer women with light or dark hair?

So, who do you side with in this eternal debate? Remember, without the all-consuming Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie wars of the middle aughts, there never would’ve been an opportunity for you to buy that Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirt that we know you have hidden in the deepest recesses of your closet. The comment section awaits, people!


Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Lady Gaga vs Madonna

Comparing Lady Gaga to Madonna is like comparing apples to much older apples. Madonna is legend, an icon so timeless that no matter how many hundreds of days she spends in a downward dog position, and no matter how many times we are forced to look at her, we still worship her as the pop music Queen she is.

But a couple of years ago, a new gal came into the picture, a younger, hipper, more-movable-hip-er Maddona-like creature who seemed to have the same knack at reinventing herself. That woman? Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (similar to Madonna’s nee: Madonna Louise Ciccone), a mysterious, talented, unexpected breath of robot air who is giving post-Millennial Madonna a run for her elderly money.

Both women extremely talented, but you won’t find a much hotter controversy than who is the new Queen of Pop. So we ask: Who reigns supreme? Lady Gaga vs. Madnona? Battle it out in the comments!


British Celebrity Time: Cheryl Cole

Sarah here again. I’m such a baby that I don’t even have my own little byline. Because babies don’t have bylines. Hopefully I’ll have one soon, but until then just assume that the good posts by the byline “Best Week Ever” are by me and the mediocre to terrible ones are by some hacker. From the 90’s.

So another thing you should know about me is that I love British celebrities. Like, the kinds that we sort of know about over here or not at all-they’re only famous in En-ga-land. You guys have been super nice so far so I hope this doesn’t turn you. But if the majority of you like Clue, then I can only assume you like Tim Curry, ergo, you’ll like what’s about to happen, British celebrity-wise.

Which brings me to Cheryl Cole. She’s a pop star who got her start in the girl band Girls Aloud and recently launched a solo career. She’s also a judge on Britain’s X-Factor, which features Simon Cowell, who is not a British celebrity who I’m interested in because he’s famous over here. See how this weird pretentious thing I’m doing works? Many of you might already know who Cheryl Cole is and be all like, *yawn*. Sorry.

Anyhoops, long post short, her footballer (soccer-er) husband Ashley Cole just cheated on her, Jesse James style, with a ton of lesser ladies, and she’s having a rough time of it. But, Sandra Bullock style, the public is massively behind her. But guys! We’re all really worried about her because she’s lost a ton of weight! Is she OK??? I’ll keep you posted. Or not. Because I can totally see how you’d hate this.

This is actually not the first time Ashley has cheated. Cheryl wrote a song about how they have to fight for their love. It’s called, “Fight For This Love.”

And fair enough, because this is what Ashley looks like.

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Pauly D fights cancer with…a tanning bed

Pauly D from The Jersey Shore is auctioning off his tanning bed to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. This is completely admirable, I mean, of course we should all raise money for kids with cancer. It’s just that the irony of donating a machine that actively causes cancer to help fund cancer research is a bit overwhelming. Listen. I realize that if you take the “T” out of the mighty GTLtriumvirate you lose the essential balance between Work and Leisure. Without Tanning, it’s just Gym and Laundry. And then what are you? Some pale-faced loser with a rocking bod and clean clothes? No thank you. So maybe I should just shut the eff up. For the kids.


Nice to meet you!

Hello, everyone! My name’s Sarah Walker. I’m the new part time blogger here! So that means that if we were to meet at a party and you asked me what I did, I’d say, “I’m a part time blogger.” Then I’d slowly raise a revolver to my temple and you’d half heartedly be like, “No…stop.” That being said, I am SUPER psyched to be here! For realzies.

Some things about me: I really like, nay, love the movie Clue, especially this part:

My favorite food is cake.

I suffer from extreme second hand embarrassment, in that I feel other people’s embarrassment as acutely as if it were my own. This means that I find reality television extremely hard to watch. This affliction is maybe not ideal for a part time blogger, but that’s just my cross to bear.

That’s pretty much it.

See you sporadically for two days a week! Hooray!


Piano Chat Improv Guy Is Not Ben Folds, People

If you thought that ChatRoulette was simply an internet playground comprised of pimply-faced teens and serial masturbators, well, you’re not entirely incorrect. There are most certainly scads of those people hanging around the hottest URL in the game, but then again, there’s also Merton.

You see, a scant four days ago, an anonymous YouTube user who calls himself Merton posted a video under the username PianoChatImprov. In it, a bespectacled young man wearing a green hoodie serenades a series of users with funny, improvisational, piano-driven songs relaying generically specific details about the person on the other end of the screen. And during this time, the video has gone viral (fancy internet lingo!) and racked up nearly 700,000 views. So, who exactly is this Merton fellow, anyway?

Merton’s particular style of ivory tickling and sing-songy approach led some early fans to speculate that he was, in fact, Ben Folds. We had our doubts, as A) aside from the specs, it doesn’t really look like Folds and B) we’re fairly certain a songwriter as gifted as Folds wouldn’t rhyme “hand” and “planned” so frequently. Our suspicions were confirmed when Vh1’s own Bex Schwartz got in contact with the mysterious YouTube superstar earlier today to confirm that he wasn’t the popular piano man.

That said, Merton does not have any plans to reveal his “secret” identity just yet. We applaud his decision, but knowing how ravenous the internet can be, we’re fairly certain we’ll know everything about good ole Mertles by week’s end. Here’s hoping he is able to make a buck and book a late night appearance or two before TMZ inevitably outs him.

– Mark Graham


Who Are Hollywood’s Oddest Couples?

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: When this couple first started dating back in 2003, most people in America braced themselves for a collective camera crew to burst forth from behind the bushes… because, as a nation, we felt Punk’d. Ashton was 25 and Demi was 40, making her our national cougar mascot. But 7 years later, we realize this pairing was more than just a fling — they’re now officially husband and wife, and by all accounts, still very much in love. Which just goes to show: When you’re 47, but look 30, guys in their 30s will love having sex with you.
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Remembering Corey Haim, Eighties Teen Dream, 1971-2010

Ed. Note: To honor Corey Haim, we’ve invited friend and blogger Mark Graham to share his thoughts on the actor’s untimely passing. — M. Collins

Just because we all knew this day was coming doesn’t make the news any easier to swallow: Corey Haim, eighties teen icon and the Canadian half of the Two Coreys, finally lost the 20-plus year war he waged against substance abuse. Haim collapsed in his North Hollywood apartment in the early hours of this morning after suffering what appears to be an accidental, prescription pill overdose; coincidentally enough, he was living in the very same apartment building where Rick James died back in 2004. Sadly, he never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at 2:15 a.m. this morning.

After working as a child actor in Canada, Haim rose to fame Stateside in 1986 when he starred as a bookshy, nerdy teen from the wrong side of the tracks in Lucas. While it initially looked as if Haim could carve out a niche for himself as a lovable geek in the Anthony Michael Hall vein, he promptly did a 180 and turned himself into a veritable teen dream love machine with roles in The Lost Boys and License To Drive. His successes paved the way for cocksure teens like Kirk Cameron (a fellow Canadian!) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar to gain a foothold in pop culture, but sadly, the fame went to his head and he got himself caught up in the excesses of the decade, snorting his way out of the rolodexes of everyone in Hollywood by the year 1990.

Haim went on to work fairly consistently throughout the nineties, but substance abuse issues prevented him from getting work in anything other than lowly regarded straight-to-VHS thrillers. After suffering from a drug-induced stroke in the early aughts, he staged a minor comeback in the last few years after reuniting with his partner-in-crime, Corey Feldman, for a reality show that aired for two seasons on A&E. However, during the course of that show, his erratic behavior and constant sweating were two telltale signs that even if he had stopped doing cocaine on the regular, he still had some significant issues with prescription drug abuse. To wit, the show was canceled after Feldman told producers that he would no longer do the show until his old friend Haim got “the help he truly needs.” Sadly, as the news of this morning teaches us, Haim was clearly never able to get that help.

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