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BWE Writers Room: Jersey Shore Unleashed Is The New Oprah’s Book Club

Are you still looking for a good book to read on the beach this summer? Well you’re in luck. The new show Jersey Shore Unleashed took their cameras and twelve crates of hair gel to the hottest club east of the Garden State Parkway to get a few recommendations from the locals. You better get to the mall and pick up your copy of Charlotte’s Web or Green Eggs and Ham before they sell out, because they are about to get a major sales fist bump.

Find out if Jersey Shore Unleashed will be part of a new episode of Best Week Ever this Friday at 11pm.


BWE Writers Room: Stewie Griffin Appears On Bones For Some Reason

Last week Michelle Collins counted down the top ten sitcom crossovers of all time. But last night, Fox went and turned the TV crossover world on its head when Stewie Griffin, the animated baby from Family Guy, made an historic appearance on the LIVE ACTION forensic crime drama Bones. Yes, it seems the glass ceiling has finally been shattered. If only our grandparents were awake to see this defining moment in history when an animated TV character is able appear on a live action forensic crime drama.

Somewhere, a VHS copy of Space Jam is smiling down from video store heaven. For more, watch Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins tonight at 11pm.


In Case You Missed It: The Scrubs Finale

The final Scrubs episode aired this week. “Final” meaning not final at all if ABC decides to bring it back next season. Either way, after last night’s parade of guest stars who appeared on the show over the past eight seasons, we’re considering it the finale.

Our most memorable and personal favorite past guests? Let’s start with Leonard, the afro’d, hook-handed security guard who fell in love with old white lady Gloria; Dr. Seymour Beardfacé (“you’re pronouncing it wrong”); and Krazy Kristian nurse Laverne Roberts who gave the world the best way to say goodbye since “Stay Black.” We’ll miss you Seattle Grace Sacred Heart.

Part of us wants to see the Lost producers do this same thing with Dr. Jack Shephard. Tune in to Best Week Ever with Paul F.Tompkins tonight at 11pm so you’ll have something to talk about with your mother when you see her on Sunday. (You are going to see her on Sunday, aren’t you?)


Best Week Ever On Set: Paul F. Tompkins And Some Dummy

Best Week Ever has a very strict ‘No Ventriloquism’ policy on set. However, due to a lapse in security this week one puppet got through. We snapped this photo before the VH1 SWAT team stormed in.

Apologies in advance for any puppet-related nightmares. Check out tonight’s ventriloquist-free Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins at 11pm on VH1.


BWE Writers Room: Really, Paula, We Weren’t Turned On

With the addition of a new judge, fantastic guest appearances like Quentin Tarantino and unexpected new rules like the “Judge’s Save,” this season of American Idol has kept us on our pop-culture toes. None of these surprises could prepare us for what occurred on last night’s results show when the judges added a new contestant! She could twirl, flip and dance, she could lip-synch with confidence and she could walk down a flight of stairs with the help of 8 strapping young men!

To see more of this Paula-rific performance tune into Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins Friday at 11pm.


BWE Writers Room: Today Show Anchor Can Barely Contain Her Nerdgasm Over Star Trek Actor

If you are seeing Star Trek this weekend and some crazy woman keeps booing and throwing popcorn at the screen every time Zachary Quinto‘s Spock comes on screen, there is a good chance it’s Today Show host Ann Curry. While Leonard Nimoy (best known for once guest-voicing an episode of The Simpsons) was being interviewed by Al Roker, Ann lost all control of her journalistic integrity and gushed about her girlhood crush on Mr. Nimoy. This is not some silly morning show host antics. You can practically see a seventeen year old Ann Curry staying home from prom to practice kissing on her Spock poster. She even grabbed his ears, which he NEVER lets people do. This was no time for an exception, Leonard. Everyone knows aliens from planet Curry mate through the ear canal.

For more coverage of Star Trek mania, check out Best Week Ever tomorrow night at 11pm.


BWE Writers Room: Wife Swap Dad Knows How To Talk To A Lady Bag Of Garbage

What’s the greatest way for a man to compliment his wife? Buying her flowers, giving her jewelry or getting that vasectomy are all great thoughts, but on this week’s Wife Swap we learned a fantastic new way to pay respect to your wife: by nobly declaring that she is not a pile of garbage bags! How romantic.

Tune in to this week’s Best Week Ever with Paul F.Tompkins at 11pm to see what other marital advice Wife Swap will throw out.


Best Week Ever On Set: See What Nick Kroll Is Cooking Up

TV’s Nick Kroll would like to remind readers that Sunday is Mother’s Day. That’s not why he is wearing this apron. He actually didn’t say why, but it has nothing to do with Mother’s Day as far as we know.

Find out the mystery of Nick Kroll’s apron and answers to other burning questions this Friday at 11pm on Best Week Ever.


BWE Writers Room: Fashion Ka-Doos And Don’ts With The Real Housewives Of NYC

Being one of the Real Housewives of New York City probably isn’t easy. They have to worry about staying atop the social hierarchy while looking good and avoiding taxicabs during a morning jog. This week, real househusband Simon didn’t make his wife Alex’s real houselife any easier by wearing THIS to a party:

Simon, it takes real houseballs to wear pants like those so congratulation and ku… ku… Oh, what’s the word I’m looking for? Maybe Ramona can help (after the jump).

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