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BWE Writers Room: Larry King Pulls The Plug On Twitter’s Street Cred

Are you worried that Apple buying Twitter might kill it? No need, it’s already dead. It passed away last night during this discussion between geriatric twatterers Larry King and Barbara Walters about their Twitter names:

If you would like to pay your respects to Twitter’s family, tune in to Best Week Ever Friday at 11pm.


BWE Writers Room: Is This Desperate Housewives Or A Commercial For Macaroons?

Watch your back, precocious kid from One Tree Hill…this precocious kid from Desperate Housewives will out-precocious you any day of the week and twice on Sunday! At least we think this is a clip from Desperate Housewives. It might be a commercial for macaroons.

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BWE Writers Room: As The Squirrel Turns on The Young And The Restless

Last week on The Young and the Restless, we discovered that the source of catatonic Kevin’s crazy voice was none other than a half man/ half squirrel–Squirrel Man!

This week, Squirrel Man is BACK and after he helped Kevin escape from the mental hospital it seemed like these two would shape up to be a modern day Odd Couple full of fun and nutty hijinx. However, their relationship quickly took a turn for the violent, as seen in this clip:

Things get downright scary after the jump.
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From The BWE Writers Room: Heroes Won’t Stop Screaming Until You Start Watching Again

Spoiler alert (for you three people who still watch Heroes)! Monday night’s season finale killed off one of the main characters, that senator guy who can fly. More like one of the main no-one-cares-acters, am I right? Seriously though, someone fictional died, people, and no one took it as hard as his own mama, played quite convincingly by Gov. Sarah Palin. So glad she’s still getting work.

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From The BWE Writers Room: Is Andy Rooney Losing His Fastball Fudgeball?

You know what’s so great about Andy Rooney? He’s so relatable! I mean, he has the same troubles and worries as the rest of us. You know, like the economy, the threat of global terrorism, and the possibility of his footwear coming alive and devouring his chocolaty afternoon snack. What? Don’t worry, it will make more sense once you’ve watched the clip. Actually, no, it will somehow make less sense.

For more on Andy Rooney’s not so relevant commentary, check out Best Week Ever Friday at 11pm.


BEST WEEK EVER Cutting Room: Zac Efron And Diablo Cody

There were a few moments from last week that we just couldn’t fit in to Friday’s show– check out these bonus Best Week Ever scenes from the cutting room floor featuring Zac Efron, Kathy Lee Gifford, and Diablo Cody‘s sure-to-be-Emmy-winning guest appearance on 90210 (after the jump):

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