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Mayim Bialik Breaks Down Comic-Con By The Numbers

Ed. Note: We are pretty excited to welcome Mayim Bialik as a special Comic-Con correspondent. She became a part of your upbringing as a tiny stylish genius named Blossom, and now brings her signature quirk the brainy Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. Mayim is also a wife and mother of two boys, and blogs regularly about her experiences over at, and has a book coming out next year. Oh, she also has a PHD IN NEUROSCIENCE. We are honored to call her a “special correspondent.” (It’s OK if we call you that, right? Great.) — MC

I don’t just play a geek on TV; I am one.

I was raised on comic-books, Star Wars, and being “different.” That’s the phrase all parents have to use when they see that their kid is weird. As an adult, this geekiness has only multiplied exponentially as I have developed a love for graphic novels and adult comic books, science fiction, Elvis Costello, esoteric philosophy, and neuroscience.

I have 2 young sons. They are geeks, too. I can tell already. It happens.

Here’s a few thoughts on my first Comic-Con Experience: By The Numbers.

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