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J. Lo Confounds Us On New Year’s Eve


Jennifer Lopez has always impressed us with how short she hems her skirts, how deep she plunges her necklines and the creative uses of double-sided tape she employs to reduce boob-spillage. But who knew she would blow our minds while wearing an outfit that covered 99% of her body?

While we sat at home on New Years Eve (in yoga pants) watching Ryan Seacrest and his dropping ball, we noticed that Lopez, who performed that night in Times Square, was dressed in a shiny bodysuit and Cousin It-inspired fuzzy coat. It might have been the champagne, but we had to stare deeply into that bodysuit to figure out that she was not actually naked. For a mother of two she looks amazing, and we think it’s great that she’s finally embracing speed-skater chic. New trend in ’10? [Photo: GettyImages]

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Jennifer Hudson Pregnant Again?

Jennifer Hudson earned a Critics’ Choice Movie Award, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a SAG award all in one year for her role in “Dreamgirls,” proving that she doesn’t do anything halfway when she starts something. She’s taking the same approach with her family, too, because reports have surfaced that just four short months after giving birth to her first child, David Jr., she and fiancé David Otunga are expecting baby #2.

A source tells Star that the timing of the pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, saying, “Jennifer was in total shock when she found out she was having another baby. She had wanted some space between the kids’ ages.” Hey, if Jennifer needs some advice about having back-to-back babies, maybe Britney Spears can offer some up, she seems to be managing pretty well these days. Regardless of the timing, we think it’s great news and wish her family the best!  [Photo: GettyImages]


T.I. Released From Prison, Goes Back To Livin’ His Life


Last March, rapper T.I. was sentenced to 366 days in prison for a felony weapons charge and yesterday he was released after serving seven months in an Arkansas federal prison. He will serve the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house near Atlanta which, according to his attorney Steve Sadow, will “assist him with reentering society.”

T.I. was arrested in October 2007 for attempting to buy unregistered machine guns and silencers. (Who needs those things? Seriously, who??) The bust occurred just before T.I. was set to appear at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Between him and Chris Brown, we’re beginning to think that maybe musicians need better babysitting before big award shows to keep them out of trouble.

In addition to spending three more months in the halfway house, T.I. will have to commit to 500 hours of community service and several weeks of home confinement. [Photo: GettyImages]


Britney Presents “The Year In BS”

Britney Spears

We would consider 2009 a pretty good year for Britney Spears – no head-shaving or relationship disasters to speak of, and her “Circus” tour went off without a hitch, except for that time her lady bits were hanging out. (Although we’ve seen those before so no big whoop.) Still, despite having a good year, Brit’s website reports that over 13,000 stories were written about her this year and as a result, she and her people compiled a list of the top 75 most ridiculous. Not a Top 10, mind you, but a TOP SEVENTY FIVE. That’s a lot of rumors.

The “TOP 75 BULLS#!T Britney Spears Stories” that appear on her site were either “factually inaccurate, because they reported the patently absurd, or because we believe they are simply offensive to the sensibilities.” The rumors address her lip-synching, numerous rumored boyfriends, and our favorite, “Britney to become Baptist minister.” We love that she (okay, a team of assistants) took the time to compile these and address them, although we wish they went into some detail explaining them. Alas it’s just a list made up of screen grabs. Still, it’s pretty amazing that they went to the trouble of picking seventy five for our reading enjoyment. Thanks, Team B!  [Photo: GettyImages]


Katy Perry Doesn’t Do Sparkly Vamps


Last week, Radar Online reported that Katy Perry was proving her support of Team Edward by getting flirty with Robert Pattinson at an L.A. karaoke bar. The footage that Radar posted seems fairly non-incriminating and shows Pattinson smoking inside the bar (you can do that in L.A.?) and then a group of people walking to Katy’s car and getting in. Nothing hot and heavy, and not something Russell Brand or Kristen Stewart should be getting upset about, we think.

Katy, who has spent the past few days in London with Brand (pictured above), spoke out about the rumortweeting, “Read a bunch of yesterdays-news-BULLOCKS. Ppl should know by now that I don’t do vampires, but I do, DO @rustyrockets. Don’t get it TWISTED!” Noted. But unfortunately now we have that image in our head. We’d rather not imagine @rustyrockets during sexy time, thanks.  [Photo: FilmMagic]


Madonna And Guy Ritchie To Reunite For The Holidays


Madonna and Guy Ritchie plan to play nice this Christmas so that their kids can try to forget that they come from a broken home. Madonna decided to fly with Rocco, Lourdes, Mercy James and David Banda to Ritchie’s estate in Wiltshire, England to have a quick 24-hour holiday as a family. A source says, “Things are amicable between them and the children love Christmas at Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, which Guy has turned into a Santa’s grotto.”

While we definitely want to know more about this grotto, part of us wonders if Jesus Luz is allowed to come and if he and Guy are going to try to be dueling Santas like in “The Office”‘s Christmas episode this year. This is only the first Christmas Madge and Guy have had as a divorced couple and we think it’s nice that they can spend it together.

Since all the kids have become performers of late, we’d love to see them go “The Parent Trap” route and do a little song-and-dance routine to try and get Mom and Dad back together. May we suggest Madge’s “Holiday,” which seems to fit this bill perfectly? “Forget about the bad times?” “Just one day out of life?” “One day to come together to release the pressure, we need a holiday?!” We had no idea Madonna’s songs could foretell her own future. Sing it, kids! [Photo: GettyImages]


Tila Tequila Is A Surrogate Mom


In news we didn’t see coming, Tila Tequila has announced that she’s going to have a baby! Actually, we could sort of see that happening in an “Oops-my-bisexual-threesome-was-more-bareback-than-I-expected” kind of way, but we we really didn’t expect is for Tila to be having a baby as a surrogate for her brother and his wife. But that is exactly what the star (we use that term lightly) is doing. Tila tweeted on Sunday, “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to become a SURROGATE MOTHER for my brother & his Wife!!! That is my xmas present to them. Im pregnant!!!!”

Tila is somewhat infamous for stretching the truth, but we think this would be a pretty big thing to exaggerate – especially for her brother and sister-in-law’s sake – so we wish her family the best. We also think this would make for a better reality show than “A Shot At Love.” We would love to watch Tila and her rumored fianceé Casey Johnson take Lamaze classes together and watch the eentsy-weentsy starlet grow a big baby bump (“A Shot Of Baby Formula With Tila Tequila?”).

Maybe a pregnancy will keep Tila’s antics to a minimum for nine months. Hey, we can hope.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Jude Law Wishes He Could Egg His Nosy Neighbors


When we hunt for an apartment in New York City we always ask the important questions – Does it have bugs? Is it near the subway? – but you can never determine if you’ll have good neighbors until you’ve already moved in. Jude Law discovered the hard way that he has terrible neighbors. Jude set up residence across the way from an NYU dorm and discovered that when he would use his backyard, the co-eds were there watching his every move and taking photos. Annoyed at the lack of privacy, Law decided to punish them the only way he knew how: with fruit.

“They were spying on me when I was with the kids and working out. It got to where I truly felt like [they were] peeping Toms. Where I come from, peeping Toms have things thrown at them,” he said, justifying why he hurled apples and oranges at them. He added “They were lucky I’d run out of eggs.”

Apparently some of the students were traumatized by Law’s reaction, but in our opinion encountering celebs and brash New Yorkiness is why people go to NYU in the first place. Besides, who wouldn’t want to tell the story about the time Jude Law threw fruit at them? [Photo: GettyImages]


Hugh Grant Has Low Self Esteem


Hugh Grant always manages to be just as charming off-screen as he is in all his romantic comedies, and because of that we have a bit of a thing for him. We always thought it was just his wit and puppy-dog eyes that we were drawn to, but after reading PopEater’s interview with him it turns out to be more than that. We love his self-conscious, slightly downtrodden attitude too. Maybe that’s just because it reminds us of most guys we’ve dated.

First, when he was asked whether he realizes how handsome he is, Grant responded, “Not even remotely. I see a sad, angry, hungover middle-aged man dreading the day. There is a mirror in the hotel where I’m staying to the side of the basin and this morning I was shaving and I looked over at the mirror but my face stayed pointing down. I thought ‘That’s a new one. That’s bad.'”

Aw, Hugh. we all start sagging at some point. He also said that his worst fear is getting “too squidgy,” and that his acting abilities are limited, explaining, “I can only do a certain tone really and not many people write in that tone and when they do it tends to be romantic comedies.” He also thinks his fellow Englishmen haven’t taken to him and he’ll never be knighted by the queen and says ” No, I’m pretty hated in my own country, sadly. I love it, it hates me.”

Who knew that he was so critical of himself? Rest assured, this country loves you, Hugh. We might not be able to knight you, but you could probably become governor of California. [Photo: GettyImages]


Paula Abdul Regrets Leaving “Idol”


As excited as we are about Ellen DeGeneres joining the “American Idol” team, we regret Paula Abdul‘s departure a lot. (We wonder why Ellen couldn’t replace Kara DioGuardi instead, but that’s just a thought we entertain in our fantasy world.) Sounds like Paula is regretting her decision to leave too, because a source revealed to Pop Eater that Paula is struggling to find work these days. “Paula was full of optimism when she left ‘Idol,’ ” the friend of Paula’s revealed. “She was confident she would get her own talk show and even a gig performing live on the Las Vegas strip — none of which has materialized. It’s going to get worse in January when ‘Idol’ is everywhere with Ellen sitting in her seat.”

Ellen will be awesome for sure, but she probably won’t have the same chemistry Paula had with Simon Cowell. Why do salary disputes ruin everything?? Let’s not forget that Paula hasn’t become a jobless hobo – she has picked up gigs here and there, like when she hosted the “VH1 Divas” concert in September, but we hope for her sake she finds a niche for her special brand of musical, garbled crazy that we love.  [Photo: GettyImages]