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Emma Watson Enrolls At Brown University


New England has a history of witchcraft and Rhode Island just became home to one more — Emma Watson enrolled at Brown University this weekend as a freshman. The 19 year old arrived by helicopter to the Providence campus and was allegedly mobbed by fans as she attempted to enroll in an English Lit class. Earlier in the year, Watson hinted that she would be enrolling in an American university so she could live in relative anonymity, but judging from the welcome she received, we’re not sure that’s a foolproof plan. Watson will finish filming Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows while she’s on her summer break from school. [Photo: WireImage; Source: Digital Spy]


Ashlee Simpson: Pregnancy TMI


Bronx Mowgli Simpson-Wentz is ten months old now, but his momma, Ashlee Simpson, is over-sharing the details of her pregnancy on the talk show rounds this week. While doing press for her new role on Melrose Place, Simpson taped an appearance for “The Rachel Ray Show” (the interview will air September 15), where she said that pregnancy didn’t affect her physical prowess.

Simpson told Ray, “I could do the splits when I was nine months pregnant. I could put my leg over my head still. I used to be a ballerina.” We aren’t sure what would make a nine-months-pregnant woman attempt splits, but…good for her? After all, we thought the only dancing she did was a nervous jig to cover up lip-synching. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Maggie Gyllenhaal Feels Sorry For Brother Jake


Maggie Gyllenhaal moved to Brooklyn to avoid a paparazzi frenzy, but her brother Jake Gyllenhaal opted to live in L.A. and is constantly hounded by photographers. Of course, that may also have to do with the fact that he’s dating Reese Witherspoon, but still, he has a hard time staying out of the watchful lens of the paps, and Maggie doesn’t like it one bit. Maggie tells Marie Claire that she gets upset for her brother that his life is constantly scrutinized:

“I get so angry, really upset. They chase him in their car and it’s just different for him. More than anything I feel sorry for him that he has to deal with that,” she says of life in L.A. “I think it’s really hard for anybody who has to figure out a way to manage it. Like in Los Angeles, I don’t always know where to avoid going — sometimes you just walk right into a paparazzi nest.”

Gyllenhaal and husband Peter Sarsgaard also spend part of the time living in England to avoid the limelight. [Photo: FilmMagic]


DJ AM’s Memorial: Private And Star-Studded


The Hollywood Palladium hosted a memorial for DJ AM yesterday, six days after his death. Among the celebs who were on hand to celebrate the life and talents of the DJ were Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane, Robert Downey Jr., and John Mayer.

The memorial was held in the same structure as a 12-step meeting, and no press was allowed inside, but we did learn from MTV that DJ AM’s girlfriend Hayley Wood spoke during the service, telling mourners: “He was my soul mate and now he is my soul. He is my amazing grace.” More than 3,500 people attended the service, which was described as a “somber and sad crowd.”

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Lady Gaga’s Muffin Ain’t Bluffin’

Lady Gaga has been the target of hermaphrodite rumors recently because some folks think they saw a bulge in her underwear during a show. First of all, going by the picture above, we don’t see it, and second, hasn’t anyone thought of what Lady Gaga’s lady parts have to say about such vicious attacks against their existence?

During an Australian radio interview, the DJ asked Gaga: “Obviously we have to talk about the tiny penis rumours. Where are we at right now with the tiny penis issue, Lady Gaga?” To which she hilariously responded, “My little vagina is very offended. I’m not offended, my vagina is offended.” Figures. Some vaginas are so sensitive. [Photo: Getty Images; Source;]


Hailey Glassman Hates Fame

Hailey Glassman got herself into a crappy situation when she decided to date Jon Gosselin, and not just because she decided to date Jon Gosselin. It has to suck when your formerly married boyfriend all of a sudden turns into a skeevy, Vegas-loving, Lohan-clinging tabloid fixture, and Jon’s jet-setting started to fuel rumors that he and Glassman were no longer together. Not so according to Page Six – the couple is going strong, it’s just that Glassman apparently hates the limelight.

“Hailey actually hates the fact that Jon is famous. She doesn’t want to be photographed and doesn’t like the attention,” a source told the paper. We feel bad for Glassman. Who wants to stay home while their boyfriend is throwing pool parties in Vegas? But then again — who wants a boyfriend who throws pool parties in Vegas? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Chris Brown Vs. Oprah


Chris Brown has been working on repairing his public image, but someone should tell him there are certain topics, like dissing Oprah, that won’t win him any fans. The singer mouthed off yesterday about Winfrey because the talk show host filmed a show about domestic abuse that was inspired by Rihanna. Brown took offense to the fact that Oprah didn’t include him in the show, saying: “I commend Oprah on being like ‘This is a problem,’ but it was a slap in my face. I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school. She could have been more helpful, like, ‘Okay, I’m going to help both of these people out.” Hey Chris, you know what was a slap in the face to Rihanna? You slapping her in the face. We can understand why Oprah, a victim of abuse herself, would opt not to include you.

Of course, Oprah is not one to sit idly while being criticized, a rep for her released this statement after hearing Brown’s complaint. “Oprah is very appreciative that Chris Brown performed at her school but she takes domestic violence very seriously. She hopes he gets the counseling he needs.” Advantage, Oprah. Care to take another swing, Chris? [Photo: Getty Images and WireImage; Source: TMZ]


Timberlake Doles Out Free Booze For Clubgoers


Is there any business that Justin Timberlake isn’t dipping his toes in? The singer-dancer-actor-comedian-restaurateur-fashion designer was in Las Vegas earlier this week specifically to promote his William Rast clothing line, and ended up at a club to shill another endeavor, his new tequila.

After hosting a private dinner party at Lavo at the Palazzo with girlfriend Jessica Biel and business partner Trace Ayala, Timberlake entered the main room of that club and offered free shots of his 901 Silver tequila and toasted the crowd, saying “We should all believe in something, and I believe it’s time for another shot of tequila.” Everyone in the club got to sample some of the sweet Timberlake nectar that’s named for the Memphis area code he grew up in. And just in case JT is reading, we have some suggestions for drinks that can be made with his booze: What say you to The SeƱorita Margarita? FutureSex/Lime/Salt? Maybe? No? [Photo: Getty Images]


Chris Brown On Larry King

Chris Brown taped a much-anticipated and much-speculated about interview with Larry King last week and it finally aired last night. Brown dressed in his Sunday best blue bow tie, sat with his mother Joyce and his lawyer, and answered most questions honestly, expressing his relief that the media spectacle surrounding him was winding down. As remorseful as he seemed, he opted not to go into details about the night of his fight with Rihanna. Brown acknowledged the abuse and confessed that he loves Rihanna and is still in love with her, despite the protection order that separates them. When King asked Brown why he was violent and what the cause of the fight was, Brown refused to answer “out of respect for [Rihanna’s] privacy”, but we feel it was more likely out of embarrassment for whatever actually transpired.

Brown also claims not to remember doing what he did the night of the Grammy’s, and his mother said she was shocked because, despite the reports that Brown and Rihanna had a history of violence between them, she says they never had any previous altercations. (Brown said of the incidents “I’m not aware of those.”) While the answers Chris provides are not terribly revealing, King does ask pointed questions and shows Brown the pictures of a battered Rihanna and it’s clear that he knows what he did was wrong, but it’s nothing we didn’t hear from his taped video apology, honestly. Brown’s mother proved to be more emotional and revealing, discussing her own relationship with Rihanna and her personal history of violence.

This situation is obviously something people have already made up their minds about — Brown does regret it though and emphasizes how wrong it was. Does the interview succeed in changing the public’s opinion about him?

Watch more video from the interview after the jump.

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The Stars Come Out For The U.S. Open


It’s almost Labor Day in New York City, which means most people with money have cleared out of the city and are holed up in their vacation homes on the east end of Long Island. There are some celebs though who have chosen to stick it out in the city this week though for a reason — they scored tickets to the U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows in Queens. This ragtag bunch of tennis enthusiasts have been watching the matches all week and it’s a pretty impressive group — and even more impressive is seeing Anna Wintour dress in her Queens Casual look. Here’s a look at who’s watching the matches. [Photos: Getty Images]

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