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Sex And The City Mayhem


For all those people who didn’t think a Sex and the City movie sequel was necessary, there are the mobs of fans that exist to offer up a dissenting opinion. In fact, the fans who have been crashing the set of the movie, currently filming in Manhattan, have gotten so numerous that extra security detail had to be added to the film set to ward them off.

One witness to the madness said of the added bodyguards “They looked more like they were protecting the President than Sarah Jessica Parker.” Apparently though, the security was a bit too rough with the onlookers and both SJP and co-star Chris Noth asked them to take it easy on the fans. Could the SATC set be our generation’s Altamont, the famed 1969 concert where the Hells Angels served as security and killed a fan? It wouldn’t surprise us — people are crazy for Carrie. [Photo: Getty Images]


In Fashion, Heidi Klum Lets It All Hang Out


One of supermodel Heidi Klum‘s nicknames in the fashion world is “The Body” for reasons that are fairly obvious. So when she decided to collaborate to put out a coffee table book of photos of herself, she clearly had a lot to show off. However, while working with the photographer, Rankin, she really took it all off. The book, called “Rankin’s Heidilicious” has several nude shots included which Heidi said are the result of her comfort level with the photographer. “It’s very naughty…He always gets me to take my clothes off for some reason. We’ll do some job and then he’ll say, ‘Why don’t we shoot some more things?’ and I’ll wind up without anything on.” The book was anything but a whim though, they have been working on it for quite some time. “I’ve been shooting with Rankin, for seven years and working with him is fun because he always makes me look different.” If Heidi’s self-confessed naughtiness doesn’t sell these books, we don’t know what will. [Source: The Post Chronicle; Photo: Getty Images]


Mel B. Steps Out In 100% Spandex


We’ve finally cracked the code, after all these years. When the Spice Girls sang about “A zig a zig ah”, it turned out that can be literally translated to “Spandex”, at least from the looks of Melanie Brown. Brown was spotted out on the town in London wearing this curious outfit today. We can’t imagine what occasion one would wear this for, if not for one of the many dancing competition shows on TV, only thing is that Mel isn’t on any of them this year. The former Dancing With The Stars contestant must have snagged this ensemble from wardrobe before she got booted from the show in 2007. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Reports: OxyContin Pills Found In DJ AM’s System


While the toxicology reports are still inconclusive, authorities have released additional details about the drugs found in DJ AM‘s system the night he died. The DJ, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, was found next to a crack pipe and was thought to have smoked an unknown amount of crack the night of his death, but new reports have revealed that in addition to crack, nine OxyContin pills were also in his system. It appears that he ingested eight of the prescription pills and fell unconscious before swallowing the ninth. This incredibly disturbing fact seems to raise the question of an intentional OD, but it is still considered an accidental death as of now. When paramedics arrived to his apartment, both the front door and bedroom door were barricaded and had to be broken down.

Friends and family continue to mourn the loss of Goldstein, whose body has been flown to L.A. for burial. A memorial service will be held tomorrow at the Hollywood Palladium. [Photo: Getty Images]


Nicole Kidman: M.I.A Mom


The only thing in Hollywood that confounds us more than the infinite Michael Jackson rumors are the infinite rumors about Tom Cruise, Scientology and anyone Tom Cruise has been associated with. Take, for instance, the latest rumors that Nicole Kidman, who has been divorced from Cruise for ten years, has all but abandoned the children they adopted together. Kidman, who married Keith Urban in 2006 and gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose just over a year ago, seems to have distanced herself from her other children. Connor, 14, and Isabella, 16, live with Cruise and Katie Holmes and appear to be estranged from their mother, to the point where they address her only as Nicole, not “mom”. In fact, Kidman has not been seen publicly with her children since May 2007. Ironically, the whole Cruise clan is currently living in Kidman’s native Australia while Holmes films Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. [Photo: Getty Images]


LiLo Considers Playboy


Every time we have a new story about Lindsay Lohan‘s ever-growing levels of trashiness, we have to remind ourselves that she used to be talented. It seems like actual acting roles are out of the question though these days and instead, she’s just doing odd jobs to make ends meet — self-tanning entrepreneur, “Project Runway” guest judge, etc.

The most recent news though, that Lindsay is considering a spread in Playboy, is actually pretty surprising. Sure, her acting career seems pretty much straight-to-DVD these days, but we really didn’t think she’d sink to Heidi Montag levels of self-promotion. Lindsay has worked with like, real actors and stuff! Meryl Streep, even! Heidi Montag hasn’t done that. LiLo knows her worth though because she’s already refused Playboy‘s original offer of a half-million dollars and is asking instead for $900K. Hey, Playboy, keep in mind that we already know what we’re getting, we’ve seen the Lohan hoo-ha before, she hasn’t really been discreet with it. We sure would love to hear what it has to say about working with Streep, though. [Photo: Getty Images]


Spike Announces The Scream 2009 Award Nominees

The world of science fiction and fantasy are more mainstream than ever, thanks mainly to awesome writing and originality in Hollywood and beyond. (For proof, we offer up the fact that we are personally not into most science fiction yet we count “Battlestar Galactica” as a favorite show). Spike TV will be recognizing the best of those genres in the upcoming Scream Awards, a show that honors the best in sci-fi, fantasy, comics and horror and encompasses films, TV and comic books. Where else will movies like Twilight and Watchmen compete against Drag Me To Hell and Transformers?

This isn’t your (genetically modified-half robot-flesh eating) grandma’s award show, however. With categories like “Most Memorable Mutilation” and “Holy Sh*t Scene Of The Year”, the awards will probably be as exciting as the nominated scenes they plan to honor.

View a few of our favorite categories with their nominees after the jump.

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Holy Macanoli, It’s The Return Of Punky Brewster


Soleil Moon Frye might be a talented clothing designer and busy mother of two these days, but she remembers where she came from and what her fans want — Punky Brewster. Frye took to her Twitter page yesterday and, as a gift for all her fans in “Twitterville,” she donned the latch-key, knee bandanna and the pigtails so we could relish the 80’s all over again.

Frye uploaded a video which was a tribute to her finally accumulating a million followers (might seem like a lot, but the girl is close, personal friends with Ashton Kutcher so that might explain something). Maybe if she hits two million she’ll ask Cheri to join her. [Photos: Getty Images]


Paris Jackson Takes Her Hair With Her


Despite Michael Jackson‘s death and the rumors of all kinds that surrounded him, no one in his family is doing anything to come clean or reveal any of the singer’s secrets. One of the biggest secrets of all is, of course, the paternity of his children – with so many people stepping forward and claiming they are the real parents of Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket, it’s a wonder DNA tests haven’t been performed.

Oddly enough, the children themselves are doing all they can to avoid a DNA test as well. After a recent hair cut in Las Vegas, Paris made sure every strand of hair that was clipped was swept up and sealed in plastic bags so that no one could steal a lock of it and perform any kind of tests. Sure, Paris could just be a very sentimental girl, but that is pretty odd behavior that does nothing to dispel the swirling rumors. Guess it’s true what they say – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. [Source: Daily Mail; Photo: Getty Images]


Kara DioGuardi Will Not Be Outdone

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi was responsible for penning the universally loathed season 8 finale song “No Boundaries.” We’ve spent countless hours thinking about how bad this song was, and we clearly weren’t alone — even Kris Allen opted to cut it from his set list during the Idol Summer Tour. Seems like Kara isn’t willing to let us forget the craptastic ballad though, she has re-recorded it on her own and released it on YouTube so America will have yet another version to deal with.

To be fair, her version sounds better than either Kris Allen or Adam Lambert‘s renditions. However, let’s face it, it’s still a pretty sucky song. What say you, does her rendition give the song the respect it deserves, or is it superfluous and pointless to release this three months after the fact? [Photo: Getty Images]