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Breaking: Taylor Swift Wears A Bikini On Vacation

Have you guys seen that video of Taylor Swift on the internet? No, it’s not a dirty video, there are no leaked nude photos, and she didn’t pull a Carrie Prejean. Get your minds out of the gutter! Instead, Swift released some video of herself frolicking on vacation in a bikini, having some good old-fashioned fun. Can this girl be any more wholesome? It’s like she’s fortified with happiness, a splash of sunshine and apple pie.

The video itself is extra footage from a shoot for her song “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” and shows her on a jet ski, getting doused under a waterfall and frolicking in the sand. Her pal Kellie Pickler also makes an appearance, which makes us wonder…where’s Taylor Lautner? Maybe he’s just holding the camera.  [NYDN]


The Hills Is Renewed. Yay(?)!


We have mixed feelings right now after learning that “The Hills” was renewed for a sixth season. On the one hand, it’s a train wreck we love to hate. On the other, it’s still a train wreck and that makes us sad. (Choo…choo…cry.) The fate of the show wasn’t entirely clear after the season five finale – ratings dropped after Lauren Conrad left and things seemed to be running their course. Turns out, people are just as interested in watching Kristin Cavallari‘s various faces of evil as they were in watching LC’s mustache evolve!

One change to the new season will be a lack of our sweet Audrina Patridge, who is leaving the show to start her own solo reality project. Patridge told OK! “I’m very excited. Basically it’s going to be me outside of “The Hills” bubble. All the photos that my fans see and what they always wonder, like that’s what the cameras are going to come with me and see.” Um, isn’t the answer to that “sidewalk cafes, the gym and HWood?” No? Guess we’ll have to watch and find out.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Gossip Break: Penelope Cruz Loves Kissing Meryl Streep


  • Watch out, Javier Bardem: Penélope Cruz likes to get smoochy with Meryl Streep. [Popeater]
  • Dear Hugh Jackman, we want to steal your awesome, adorable kid! [JustJared]
  • Someone’s Hannah Montana doll needs it’s mouth washed out with soap, y’all. [Buzzfeed]
  • Whoa, ABC really can’t forgive and forget this Adam Lambert stuff, they booted him from Jimmy Kimmel and their New Year’s Eve broadcasts. [DListed]
  • Phoebe and Monica are back together on “Cougartown”! Cougar…Cat…Smelly Cat! It all makes sense now. [PITNB]
  • Harry Potter is getting naked in “The Deathly Hallows” for some reason. [ONTD]
  • It’s Beyoncé vs. Taylor Swift again at the Grammys! Here’s a list of the nominees. [RollingStone]

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Family Ties star Meredith Baxter Outs Herself


We have a soft spot in our hearts for anything having to do with sitcoms from the 80s, especially those “Where Are They Now?” shows about our best-loved, sometimes obscure actors from the day. So when we read today that one of our favorite TV moms, “Family Ties” star Meredith Baxter did a recent spate of interviews, we perked up. Turns out that Baxter, who has led a relatively quiet life recently save for some guest-starring gigs on TV, has come out of the closet and is now discussing her role as “lesbian mom.”

The thrice-married Baxter explained that she never felt comfortable in her previous relationships and once she realize she was gay seven years ago, she came out immediately to her five children who were incredibly supportive. She told People now that she’s in a long-term relationship with partner Nancy Locke, saying, “I feel like I’m being honest for the first time.” While she’s led an out life for the past few years, Baxter decided to make the news rounds this week because media outlets have picked up on her story recently. Appearing on “The Today Show,” she told Matt Lauer, “I did not want some tabloid to take the story and make it up — I wanted it to be in my own words.”   [Photo: GettyImages]


Sean Combs Breaks Home Shopping Network Records

If you can stomach ten minutes of Sean Combs discussing the plush, luxe softness of his $60 bathrobes on the Home Shopping Network, have we got a clip for you. Sean-P-Puff-Diddy-Daddy-Combs is now shilling his lifestyle products on the network, and you know what? He’s really good at it.
Combs broke HSN records by selling out his Sean John fragrances, travel kits and robes in 15 minutes, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Not only did Combs succeed in selling his wares, he also doled out bits of inspiration – no purchase necessary. After discussing his work ethic and an anecdote about working in a Mexican restaurant, he told his bathrobe-buying fans, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” And to that, his co-host admitted that that he inspired her “to want to be a better, more passionate person.”
That must be some bathrobe!


Lady Gaga Opens Up in Elle

Lady Gaga will appear on the cover of the January 2010 issue of Elle magazine and as always, the interview inside is as good as the picture on  the cover. Looking like a cross between Gaultier-clad Madonna and Debbie Harry, Gaga looks gorgeous but not too revealing, and explains to the mag that she tried to tone down the sexy as much as she can.

“My album covers are not sexual at all, which was an issue at my record label. I fought for months, and I cried at meetings. They didn’t think the photos were commercial enough…The last thing a young woman needs is another picture of a sexy pop star writhing in sand, covered in grease, touching herself.” Take notes, Heidi Montag!

We love this woman so much for having an insane image and then proving herself to be as normal as can be and wanting to set a good, if often pants-less, example. She also says that she plans to settle down eventually. “In eight to 10 years, I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around.” Portions of the interview and photos from the cover shoot are online now at


Nick Jonas Ditches His Brothers, Goes Solo


Nick Jonas might be the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, but he’s the first one to attempt a solo career without his brothers backing him up. What’s more impressive is the fact that Jonas’ new band, called Nick Jonas & The Administration, is made up of three members of Prince‘s band, The New Power Generation, as well as the JoBros’ producer, John Fields. Is he going to become the artist formerly known as Nick Jonas?? Or maybe he’ll start Prince-ifying song titles like “Can’t Have U” and “Time 4 Me 2 Fly.” We can only hope!

Jonas told People, “With three of the four guys being part of the New Power Generation, the funk R & B rock style we were going for is definitely there.”  If you were wondering what this side project means for his day job, Nick clears that up. “This is something that can definitely co-exist with the Jonas Brothers,” he said, assuring his fans that this isn’t the end for the boy band. “I’ve never really stood center stage before. It’s going to be different but I’m looking forward to it.” The new band goes on tour in January and has an album coming out on February 2.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Adam Lambert Kinda Apologizes For Simulated Sex


Adam Lambert‘s gay kiss and simulated sextravaganza at the American Music Awards is being talked about as much as that ol’ “Imma Let You Finish” chestnut and Lambert, like Kanye West before him, is starting to repent. Glambert will appear on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” today and he tells Ellen that even his dad was upset by his performance and wanted him to apologize. He went on to say that he knows some people watching felt disrespected and “would never intend to disrespect anybody.”

Lambert adds, “so that was not my intention. . .After seeing one of my favorites, Lady Gaga, tear it apart onstage…I don’t know, something came over me, and I got caught up in  the moment and maybe went a little too far.” See, people? It was in the heat of the moment! Who hasn’t committed a crime of passion onstage in front of millions?

To prevent further momentary lapses in judgment, ABC-TV and their parent company Disney have revealed today that as a result of Lambert’s performance, they are changing their live TV policies and will now require performers to sign contracts that will not allow them to deviate from their rehearsed performances. So say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions and unscheduled pelvic thrusts, folks. Those days are over.  [Us Magazine/Reuters. Photo: GettyImages]


Katie Holmes Defends Suri’s High Heel Fetish

We’ve all seen the pictures of three-year-old Suri Cruise jet-setting around various cities, and when she’s not being carried on the hip of one of her parents, she’s walking around in high heels. “Access Hollywood” caught up with Katie Holmes at the Dizzy Feet charity event on Sunday to see what the deal is with Suri‘s controversial footwear and Katie, not seeming worried about her child’s podiatric health, defended the shoes.

“She, like every little girl – she loves my high heels. They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids,” Katie explained. “I found them for her and she loves them.” We’re still suspicious and worried for Suri’s tootsies – just because you can dance in them doesn’t mean you should wear them all the time. But maybe that’s just our weak arches talking.  [Photo: GettyImages]


She’s A Barbie Girl


Yesterday we heard the news that a live-action Barbie movie was green lit. (Let’s all give a collective head shake and groan.) There are probably a lot of actresses for whom a role like this is beneath them, but one starlet is totally doing research for the role, perhaps unwittingly: Paris Hilton was just chilling in Beverly Hills yesterday in her customized pink Bentley. That’s sooo Barbie!

What was she doing, picking up gifts for Ken? Getting her foot arches massaged? We actually don’t think Paris was prepping for the role, but it would be a pretty genius casting move if you wanted to turn Barbie’s story into a cautionary tale full of pink-accessorized DUI’s and paparazzi photos. [Photo: GettyImages]

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