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Bar Refaeli: Bitch Has It All

Israeli model Bar Refaeli has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Maxim and Elle, but most likely the work that you’re most familiar with is her role as Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend. This fall, though, her profile will get a boost as she becomes the face of sport brand Hurley International. The campaign, shot in Brazil, “illustrates a theme of a young woman’s journey and discovery,” which sounds a lot like the plot to Seinfeld’s favorite movie “Rochelle, Rochelle”, but we’re betting it will be a smidge hotter.

She’ll be wearing the brand’s bikinis, sheer Ts and denim shorts from the Spring 2009 line and will appear in their runway shows as well. Says Hurley exec Lyndsey Roach: “Anyone can hire a model. We wanted to do something different. She lives this lifestyle,” which only rubs it in our faces that not only does she have Leo as a boyfriend (though they’ve allegedly been on and off), but she is a professional beach-going skinny bitch who gets free clothes.

After the jump, watch a clip of Bar Refaeli modeling.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Faris Becomes An Honorary Girl Next Door

Octagenarian Hugh Hefner lives by his own rules – case in point, his cohabitation with and subsequent ranking of his many Girlfriends. To become a Girlfriend, so the legend goes, he will offer his favorite Playmates a special, not-available-in-stores bunny necklace. In her new film The House Bunny, Anna Faris portrays one of Hef’s girlfriends and snags a necklace, only to be kicked out of the mansion.

Hugh was so entertained by the film that he allowed Anna to keep the necklace she wore on-screen and made her an honorary member of his “family”. “They were kind enough to give me a few of the Playboy bunny necklaces that I wear in the film. I mean, they’re not that expensive but it means a lot,” said Faris. The House Bunny opens on Friday. Hefner appears in the movie, as do his current girlfriends Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Nastia Liukin’s Too Classy To Point Fingers, So We Will

American viewers of the women’s Olympic uneven bar finals yesterday were treated to some great performances. All-around gold medal winner Nastia Liukin (pictured far left) turned in a first-place routine that stunned the crowd and, numerically, should have won her the gold – she and Chinese gymnast He Kexin (center) both scored 16.725.

But due to an Olympic rule that took effect after the Athens games, ultimately Liukin was denied the gold because one judge, Australia’s Helen Colagiuri, scored her routine three-tenths of a point lower than He’s. Liukin has remained gracious despite the disappointment, saying: “Scoring is scoring, and that’s our sport. … That’s what we’ve been going through our whole lives and we just have to accept that.”

But after watching her near-flawless routine, it leaves us wondering, what gives, Helen Colagiuri? [Photo: Getty Images]


Beef Alert: Audrina Reaches A New ‘Lo’

Oh, these kids of The Hills! They should can their drama and store it away in case there’s ever a nuclear winter and the last few humans on earth get bored with each other. Last night’s premiere came complete with Audrina-on-Lo drama after Audrina Partridge learned Lo Bosworth was helping plan her birthday party. Audrina, clearly unhappy with Lo’s involvement, tells a co-worker: “Lo’s always super-bitchy. That’s just how she is.” She later confronts Lo, telling her she has an “attitude.” “I have friends who treat me good,” whines Audrina. “You don’t do that.”

Lo takes the high road in US Weekly (well, as high as you can get when you respond in a gossip rag): “She has taken it to the level where she’s name calling. I have never done that and don’t plan to.” [Photo: FilmMagic]


Muxtape’s In That Big Tape Deck In The Sky (For Now)

If there’s one thing we’ve always known to be true (and that was completely reinforced by Nick Hornby and John Cusack in HighFidelity), it’s that there is an art to the mix tape.

This is why we were so excited to discover Muxtape this year. Users could stream compilations of MP3s and create their own 2000’s version of the mix tape — granted, the thrill of creating the mix tape cover and scrawling out song titles still eluded us, but it was something.

Today, Muxtape is “unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA.” Eek! Let’s hope the RIAA is kind. If the site really does go belly-up, rest assured we’ll find a way to compile “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” with “Miss You Much”… somehow.


Lauren Conrad: Closet Nerd?

Speaking with the New York Post’s PopWrap Blog this week, Lauren Conrad may have endeared herself to a whole new fan base — nerds. When asked what she watches on TV, she admits that she barely watched MTV before becoming one of its biggest stars, opting instead for watching the Discovery Channel. “I don’t think that counts, but it’s the only TV I watch. Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, The Deadliest Catch. Lo and I are obsessed with Shark Week.” Who knew LC liked watching Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman blow things up and seeing Mike Rowe clean up vomit? Stars – they really are just like us. [Photo: Getty Images]


Even Waxed, Nick Jonas Gets The Girls

Despite the fact that the Jonas Brothers generate a lot of heat just being themselves, when they showed up yesterday to unveil their newly-sculpted wax alter egos at Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C., the only things melting were the fans. The figures were created to coincide with the release of the trio’s new album, Burnin’ Up and the fans showed up in droves to hug, cry on and flip out over them. In the gallery below, Nick Jonas gets all the love, while Joe Jonas poses politely and silently chastises his wax self for over-conditioning. [Photo: Getty Images]


Puking For Money Sweeps The Airwaves

Apparently, the TV execs over at G4 don’t have normal gag reflexes. In fact, they were probably the kids who would swirl around playground puke with a stick — for fun. Thanks to them, there’s Hurl!, a new show that gives prizes to people who vomit.

According to the G4 website, Hurl! is “inspired by the outrageousness found on the viral web.” Contestants are subjected to physical challenges after eating copious amounts of food like mac n’ cheese. What G4 overlooked is the fact that 100% of┬ávomit-related outrageousness that’s popular on the web has to do with these two girls and this one cup they share, and we doubt there are any sickos out there wanting to masturbate to some basement-dwelling, 24-year-old dude spewing nine bologna sandwiches. But these people will be paid a cool sum of money for the physical discomfort and public humiliation they’re about to endure, right? Friends, top prize on Hurl Exclamation Point is $1000. TOP prize.

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ALMA Awards Turn Celebs Into Dorky High School Students

The ALMA Award Show on Sunday was probably a fun scene. Celebs like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and the cast of Ugly Betty were all in attendance and looked gorgeous and glam and some well-deserving shows like Battlestar Galactica and How I Met Your Mother received awards. The ceremonies will air on September 12th on ABC, but what you may not see are the backstage photos that look no different than dorky class photos. If the ALMA Awards were a high school, here’s what would be in its 2008 yearbook.

Homecoming Queen: Paula Abdul

Excellence In Shop Class: Dave Navarro

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Hanson – Who Knew They’d Be So Fertile?

Eleven years ago, Hanson‘s “MMMBop” was inescapable. It was a catchy pop tune with a low-budget, green-screeny video, but what was more intriguing was the age of the band members. Zac, the youngest Hanson was all of 11, Taylor, the pretty, middle one, 14, and 17-year-old Isaac was positively ancient but necessary to round out the band. So now let’s discuss the fact that the three brothers have produced a total of six kids — and Taylor, now a ripe old 25, is expecting another (his fourth). If you were going to go for the easy joke, you’d maybe talk about how that’s a lot of Mmmbopping. He’s still pretty, after all. But that’s just so obvious. [Photo: FilmMagic]