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VIDEO HITS ONE: New Maroon 5 Not Nearly As Annoying As Old Maroon 5… Yet

I know a lot of people like Maroon 5, but I don’t. Even though I semi-ironically made “This Love” my ringtone for a week once. And even though I totally dug the use of “She Will Be Love” during the first season finale of Laguna Beach (shut up). And even though I found myself tapping my feet and enjoying their new song “Makes Me Wonder”. I still don’t like them. I think. I don’ t know. Go away.


TRAILER MIX: Evan Alllllllrighty Then

The trailer for Evan Almighty was released today, and to be honest I’m torn. On the one hand you have Steve Carrell (which is awesome), but on the other hand you have adorable animals reminiscent of Dr. Doolittle 2. It could go either way. Click the picture below to watch the trailer, then let us know what you think. Excited to see it, or did Steve (and God) make a big mistake?



Jenna Jameson’s Vagina Is A Bigger Mess Than Previously Believed

jenna jameson.jpgMutant Jenna (pictured, right)– the artist formerly known as pornstar Jenna Jameson– appears to have gone too far with her love of plastic surgery. Having already made certain body parts bigger, other body parts smaller, and the rest of them a whole lot tighter, Jenna reportedly went under the knife in an attempt to make her va-jay-jay more fuel efficient. Or something like that.

Things apparently didn’t go well, though. In perhaps the quote of the year, a source says:

“She underwent a vaginoplasty at a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and she is very unhappy. She has decided to hole up and not speak to anybody.”

Yeah, I know bolding “hole up” was a little excessive, but we’re talking about a woman who bangs people on camera. Why should I be the one to show restraint?

Read the rest of the story here.


While You Were In Love, Because It’s Friday (it’s a Cure reference… Come On, Work With Me People)

  • Britney Spears’ new dentist is urging the paparazzi to leave her alone. Alright, now this is serious. When the dentist speaks, you know it’s time to chill the F out.
  • Speaking of Brit, she and Kevin have reached an amicable divorce settlement. Terms haven’t been released, but it’s believed Britney is entitled to half of Kevin’s nothing.
  • Simon Cowell has been nicknamed “The Child Catcher” on the set of his new show because he’s so mean to kids. Yeah… that’s where he got the nickname (somebody get Chris Hansen on the phone, ASAP).
  • City prosecutors said they will ask a judge to revoke Paris Hilton’s probation in a reckless driving case- a move that could lead to a jail term. Finally, an interesting premise for the next season of The Simple Life.
  • Donald Trump says his feud with Rosie O’Donnell has damaged his relationship with Barbara Walters. But don’t worry, Donald- twice the enemies means twice the make-up sex!


VIDEO HITS ONE: Low’s “Breaker”

Remember back in the late 90’s when every music video you saw featured pyro and jet-skis and models and must’ve cost millions of millions of dollars to produce? Well, those days are looooong gone. Now it seems like everybody’s going after the same low-budget, one-camera, semi-ironic vibe that made OK Go a household name. The latest culprit is Low, with their video for “Breakdown”. Watching this guy eat cake will either leave you screaming “Brilliant!” or make you miss Hype Williams.

Best. Music Video. Ever. or just stupid? You decide.


ICYMI: Kermit Will Make You “Hurt”

Forget about Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cashthis is the definitive version of Trent Reznor’s dark and brooding song, “Hurt”. Kermit’s been trying to tell you for years that “it’s not easy being green”… that must be why he’s blue. Click below to watch.

And “props” (as Karl Rove would say) to the College Humor writer who included the subhead “This resonates so much more because it was filmed right before Kermit’s death.” Brilliant.




30 Rock might not be coming back. Studio 60 probably won’t either. It looks like The Class will be dismissed early, The Nine will be deep-sixed, and people will be asking “but What About Brian?” any day now. And Close To Home? More like Close To Cancelled.

What I’m trying to get at is, it’s make or break time for some of our favorite TV shows that haven’t been rating well. New shows like Supernatural and Jericho are in danger; older shows like Scrubs and Veronica Mars aren’t safe either. The axe is going to fall and it’s going to fall hard. Because if the networks want to clear space for 80 more hours of television involving celebrities singing, dancing, or criticizing the way normal people sing and dance, cuts have to be made. Yeah. I think it sucks too.

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your favorite show, head over to E!’s SAVE ONE SHOW and vote on the one show you want E! to throw their support behind. You only get one vote, so make sure you choose carefully. Since I gave up on Studio 60 months ago and I secretly suspect 30 Rock is safe, I voted for How I Met Your Mother. Because dammit, I want to know how. Who are you gonna pick? Suit up and vote now!


While You Were Prepping For Your Fantasy Baseball Draft

  • Fergie has admitted she was mortified by the 2005 incident where she accidentally peed on stage. Not nearly as mortified as the people in the front row, though.
  • Sylvester Stallone has hired a body double for his new Rambo movie. It was a compromise he made with the studio, who really wanted him to hire an acting double.
  • Jane Pratt, the former editor of Jane magazine, claims she once had sex with Drew Barrymore. “Never Been Kissed” my ass.
  • Chris Sigh, the curly haired jokester who said he was “bringing chubby back” was voted off American Idol last night. So you can keep your chubby, buddy.
  • Supermodel Gisele has revealed that she’s not pregnant. It’s Tom Brady’s biggest loss since that Colts game.