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SNEAK PEEK: Rob Huebel’s Vagina

I know that this is a “leaked” Human Giant skit and I know that it’s all about Rob Huebel’s vagina, but I’m sure the ifilm folks could’ve come up with a better name than “Rob’s Vagina Leak.” Gross. Regardless, you should check out Rob’s Vagina now.


Radar’s 10 April Fool’s Day Pranks That Bombed

donnie ballgame.jpgApril Fools Day is right around the corner. But before you start preparing to call your mother and tell her that you accidentally knocked up your new underage girlfriend and that she wants to keep the baby (like I did to my poor mom in ’03), you should probably read Radar’s list of 10 April Fool’s Day Pranks that Bombed.

“Bombed” is the perfect word to use, too, seeing that these failed gags deal with everything from bomb threats to death hoaxes to beating women. And more! It’s definitely worth reading before you attempt to give your friends & loved ones minor heart attacks.

(Fun Fact: It’s written by for writer Piper Weiss, and Funner Fact: part of the reason I wanted to post this was to include a picture of my favorite baseball player ever, Don Mattingly. Deal with it.)


TRAILER MIX: The Sopranos, Season 6

Here’s the newest trailer for the final season of The Sopranos. You know, when you put a bunch of exciting things right next to one another, it makes it look like stuff will actually happen this season. Imagine that!

What do you think? Is it going to be exciting, or another boring, stretched out season? Who knows with these guys.


The Karate Kid: What We Learned

the karatekid.jpgSince it’s one of the best movies ever, I can’t think of a good reason somebody wouldn’t watch The Karate Kid from start to finish. But hypothetically, if you’re doing a book (movie?) report on Daniel-san & friends, I guess it’d help to have the Cliffs Notes, right? Good thing Cracked is here to help.

Do you think friendships between young boys and geriatric maintenance men are slightly creepy? Do you find yourself wondering if Cobra Kai will ever die? (Hint: never.) Sounds like you need to brush up on your Karate Kid. Luckily, you no longer have to watch the entire 120-minute film, thanks to our extensive Cliffs Notes on the John G Avildsen classic.

Check out the ridiculously dead-on Cliffs Notes here. If you’re out of high school it will make you nostalgic for The Karate Kid, Cliffs Notes, and that uncomfortable feeling you got when you handed in a report and wondered if the teacher would be able to figure out that you were a lazy bastard who hasn’t read an entire book since elementary school. Ahh, the good ol’ days.


Sanjaya’s Gonna Set This Place on Fire

If you’re confused as to how the talentless (unless you count choosing stupid hairstyles a talent) Sanjaya is sticking around on American Idol, just watch this video. It’s kind of funny, it’s a little endearing, but at the same time it also sort of grates on you… kinda like Sanjaya himself. How fittting.


The Kiss You’ve Been Waiting For!!!*

Kissing! Butt rubbing! Two people from Friends who thankfully aren’t Joey & Chandler! A show on F/X that nobody has ever actually seen! Why that sounds like the perfect recipe for a disappointing viral video, doesn’t it? Just Jared has a clip of the highly anticipated* Jennifer Aniston – Courtney Cox kiss on Dirt. If you can make it through the 2 1/2 minutes of corny dialogue, you’ll be rewarded. Sort of. Check it out.

*If it was 1997, and if there was tongue, and if it was even remotely erotic.


While You Were Bracing For The Sanjaya Era

  • Jessica Simpson donated a minivan to a Mexican orphanage. Not to be upstaged, sister Ashlee volunteered to donate her original nose.
  • Former Laguna Beach castmember Jessica Smith was arrested for driving under the influence following a freeway crash. That’s what happens when you drive drunk in the real O.C., bitch.
  • Penelope Cruz is going out of her way to keep her new romance with Josh Hartnett a secret. You would too if you had to be seen in public with the star of The Black Dahlia.
  • Rod Stewart’s son, Sean, admits he lusted after stepmom Rachel Hunter when she was with his dad. He completely agrees that Stacy’s Mom has got it going on.
  • Diff’rent Strokes star Todd Bridges is in the news today, meaning that he’s either dead or there was a rumor that he’s dead. Which one is it???



Looks like Zarf has some competition in the favorite character on All My Children competition. Meet Crazy Old Naked Man. I smell a changing of the guard… or balls. One or the other.