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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever

We’re mixing things up today…

  • Nancy_sinatra
    Sugartown recently discovered that there’s more to Nancy Sinatra than "These Boots Are Made For Walkin’." Download "How Does That Grab You Darlin’?" before Jessica Simpson decides to cover it.
  • Today The Stepfather of Soul posted an amazing Little Milton song called "We’re Gonna Make It." If you like Otis Redding or James Brown it’s right up your alley.
  • Awesome Until Proven Guilty has a handful of tracks from today’s new releases, including "All She Wrote" by Ray Davies. You know, from the Kinks. The guy may be in his 60’s, but the old man knows what he’s doing. Check it out.
  • The guy over at Neiles Life decided to dig up his favorite old Butthole Surfers album and post a couple of his favorite tracks. Download "The Annoying Song," which is anything but.
  • Rodeo Town is featuring The Monroes, a female-fronted Dutch band that rocks out like it’s 1963. "Not Tonight" and "Sad And Blue" will get your juices flowing.
  • What happens when you mix together the lead singer of Phantom Planet, a horn section, and DJ Mark Ronson? The best Radiohead cover that Fluxblog has ever heard. Download "Just." Now.


While You Were Starting Your 4-Day Work Week

  • Mischa_barton_1
    Mischa Barton
    has called Paris Hilton a "silly bitch" just a few short weeks after Nicky Hilton referred to her as a "fat pig." "Silly bitches" and "fat pigs" worry that these "annoying sluts" might be giving them a bad name.
  • George Clooney has been spotted cozying up to Renee Zellweger. This guy will do anything to get his hands on an Oscar.
  • Elton John and Celine Dion performed together at a benefit to raise money for hurricane victims. It’s the gayest thing to happen to hurricanes since the time they named that one Floyd.
  • "Disco Libido," a song that features actual sex noises, has debuted at Number 37 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Meanwhile, Actual Sex is still holding strong at #1.
  • Kate Moss is believed to be pregnant, but only because she was spotted snorting baby formula the other day.
  • The much-hyped Arctic Monkeys album comes out in the states today. Pick it up and be the first person on your block to say they’re overrated!


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Spankin’ New Videos


The Strokes "Heart In A Cage" (via The Modern Age)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion" (via Product Shop)

Improve your street cred by watching these videos from everybody’s favorite New York hipsters The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love that The Strokes are finally making real videos now (does anybody remember "Hard to Explain"?), and "Gold Lion" proves that Fire + Karen O is a can’t miss combination.  Enjoy.


LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever

  • Jossstone4
    In honor of President’s Day, Trees Lounge posted a bunch of president-themed songs. Everything from Eric B & Rakim‘s "Eric B is Mr. President" to Bright Eyes‘ "When The President Talks to God" to Jay-Z‘s "Dead Presidents."  Be patriotic, and download them all.
  • Rooney has a new album on its way next month. In the meantime, I Am Fuel, You Are Fire has an old track from before the band signed with Geffen to keep you busy.
  • Are you sick of listening to that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album over and over and over again yet? Well, Skatterbrain has a new CYHSY song for you to overplay: "Me And You Watson."
  • Awesome Until Proven Guilty has a handful of Martha & Rufus Wainwright tracks. Download the Martha song that has such an un-printable title that I can’t even begin to type it here.
  • Even though I left my first ever Matt Pond PA concert declaring that the "PA" must have stood for "Pretty Average," I still really enjoy his cover of Neutral Milk Hotel’s classic track "In An Aeroplane Over The Sea." You can hear it at My Old Kentucky Blog.
  • VH1 requires me to post at least one Joss Stone link a day. Okay, I’m kidding… but I bet this gets me a raise. You can find several Joss Stone tracks here.


While You Were Enjoying Your Day Off

  • Nick_lachey Kevin Federline thinks the media’s portrayal of the way he acts is "unfair." However, he agrees that the media’s take on his horrible rapping abilities is "dead on."
  • Donald Trump wants Martha Stewart to "take responsibility" for the failure of her Apprentice. Martha continues to blame her stockbroker Peter Bacanovic.
  • The Rolling Stones played a concert for a million fans in Rio, resulting in record-long bathroom lines when Mick announcedit was time to "play something off our newest album."
  • Nick Lachey wants spousal support, and has requested a share of Jessica’s earnings as well as "miscellaneous jewelery and other personal effects." The court was then forced to explain to Nick that he won’t be able to keep Jessica’s breasts in the divorce, no matter how hard he tries.
  • The new James Bond, Daniel Craig, got his two front teeth knocked out on the set. Critics who argued that Craig was too prissy to be the next Bond smugly call their friends and say, "See. I told you so."
  • Chris Robinson was allegedly caught cheating on wife Kate Hudson with a "homely brunette" long-haired hippie. Brother Rich Robinson named the Number 1 suspect.


…Of The Day

Mascot Mayhem: Tree Suspended, Alcohol Cited (you have to read this one) (The Stanford Daily)

NATURAL DISASTER: Michael Jackson’s Katrina Song Said Ready (Breitbart)

THE ‘BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU’ AWARD: NBC is forcing YouTube to remove Lazy Sunday from its site (TechDirt)

THE ‘YOUR 15 MINUTES ARE ALREADY UP’ WAKE-UP CALL: Kristin Cavallari’s Get This Party Started has been cancelled after 2 weeks (The Futon Critic)



While You Were Downloading ‘Best Night Ever’ Off iTunes

  • Ledgerjpg Britney Spears is worried she’ll die the same way Princess Diana did: Married to Prince Charles.
  • Heath Ledger wants to play George W. Bush on the big screen. He just can’t get enough of those gay cowboy movies.
  • A recent study shows that ugly people are more likely to commit crimes. And more likely to own Metallica T-Shirts.
  • Simon Cowell says he doesn’t keep in touch with past American Idol winners. Meanwhile, Paula Abdul continues to insist that she doesn’t have sex with past American Idol losers.
  • The British act Elbow will perform a show with 100 children later this month. Michael Jackson wonders out loud, "Why didn’t I ever think of that?"



And Halle Berry presents " The Reason You Rented Swordfish from Blockbuster last weekend."

Your turn.
(Pic courtesy of the fantastic Egotastic!)