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Family Celebrity Feud!


This just in: Kanye West makes Brandon Flowers (the lead singer of The Killers) "ill." Them are fightin’ words. Check this out:

Asked if he was a fan of West, Flowers said, "He makes me ill. I wanted
to love him so much when he first came out. He has this sweet voice,
and there’s a cuteness to it. And then you see him in interviews and
he’s like a lion. It just ruined the whole package for me." (continue reading)

Well there you have it: Brandon Flowers doesn’t care about black people.

So what would happen if these two went at it Tupac/Biggie style? Well, I have it all covered in my Tale of the Tape, after the jump.

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…Of The Day

Jimmyfallonpepsicommercial03QUOTE: I’ve always had a problem with judgment, particularly when it comes to women." – John Bobbitt (CNN)

HEADLINE: Teen Using Restroom Falls Out Bus Window (Brocktown News)

PROOF THAT TOM CRUISE IS NUTS: “[Katie’s] life from now on [is] going to be about being
a mother. I’m not giving her the chance to turn into another Nicole.
I’ve got Katie tucked away, so no one will get to us until my child is
born — and until I want them to.” (The Bosh)

First it was "brown & bubbly," now it’s Jimmy Fallon. (Just Jared)

GRAMMY DRINKING GAME: Take a drink everytime Kanye thanks himself in an acceptance speech. (Stereogum)






Okay. It’s official. THIS is the best site on the internet: The Kevin Federline Fan Club.

Here you can type in a predicament, problem, or situation you are in,
and Kevin will tell you how he would handle that situation, the K-Fed
way.   Just hit “What would Kevin Do?” after you have typed in your

WWKD? Now we finally know.

Thanks to the other best site on the internet, Gorillamask, for the link.


CORN FLAKES: Your Essential Inessentials


  • Rocker Pete Doherty has been sentenced to one year of community service for possession of drugs. But don’t worry; he believes that if he gets high enough it’ll only feel like a couple of weeks.
  • Paris Hilton has been issued a restraining order to stay away from a 37-year-old event planner. Now if only somebody could issue her a restraining order to stay away from cameras.
  • Angelina Jolie has supposedly asked a past lesbian lover to be the godmother of her children. If there’s only one story this  year that bridges the gap between the old scary/sexy Angelina and the new motherly/humanitarian Angelina, it’s this one.
  • President Bush wants the cartoon violence to end. Hagar The Horrible responds, "No dice."
  • Simon Cowell says he’d sleep with Paula Abdul to "relieve the tension." In other news, Simon Cowell is horrible at foreplay.
  • The Rolling Stones are pissed that they were censored at the Super Bowl. Seattle fans eagerly try to find a way to blame that on the referees as well.


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Vanity Fair Shoot

Everybody’s talking about the new Vanity Fair cover. Well, now there’s a Behind The Scenes video to provide you with even more Scarlett and Keira.

Watch it, but just be warned: it’s kind of like watching a cheesy B-movie that was edited for USA’s Up All Night in 1994. There are hot women who are almost naked, there’s bad music, a sleazy looking guy revealing too much chest hair, and there’s no plot whatsoever. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it now, just like I enjoyed The Bikini Carwash Company then.


(IL)Legally Blonde?

Straight off the presses:

Police in Los Angeles have discovered a body believed
to be of a photographer charged with assault after taking actress Reese
Witherspoon’s picture.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles coroners’ office said the body had yet to be formally identified. (continue reading)

According to IMDB, the guy’s identity hasn’t been confirmed yet because ot the state of the body. So what’s the moral of the story?



Celebrity Blog Watch: Guess Who!


We here at BWE love scouring celebrity blogs to see what famous people have to say. Today we’re going to play a game. I’m going to pull a quote from a recently updated Celebrity Blog, and you’re going to have to guess who said it. Here we go:

I believe in everyone’s inalienable right to
say the words "donkey punch" or "dirty sanchez" to their heart’s
content without fear of reprisal or deletion.

Now. Was this written by:

  • a) Rosie O’Donnell
  • b) Fred Durst (from Limp Bizkig)
  • c) Adam Duritz (from the Counting Crows)
  • d) Melanie Griffith

Well, what do you think?? The answer is after the jump.

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SIZZLER: Star Jones Might Lose The Reynolds


Well guys, today’s your lucky day! If the rumors are true– and let’s be honest, the rumors are ALWAYS true– it looks like Star Jones and Al Reynolds are on the rocks. So what does that mean to you dudes out there? Well, it means that pretty soon you’ll be able to have non-adulterous sex with Star Jones. OR Al Reynolds.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to Conversations About Famous People for alerting us to this matter. And for making our day that much brighter.

You can find Media Take Out’s Exclusive story here.


I Want Your Sex (Soda)


A soda that supposedly sexually arouses the person drinking it will soon be available in stores.

Doctors have already warned that the drink is not for everyone.
Children, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure and
diabetes should avoid the drink, according to the report.

The drink has already banned in Denmark and France. And in my refrigerator. Because the last thing I need is for another beverage to make me want to get some action. Isn’t that what beer is for anyway?

Check out the whole story here.