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GAMES: More Fast Food

If Piper’s McDonald’s Sim game didn’t satisfy your appetite for online fast food fun, maybe this will.


Remember that creepy Burger King commercial last night where women wearing Whopper-ingredient-costumes all piled on top of one another? Well, if you go here you can make your own Whopper sandwich featuring the Whopperettes.  I honestly can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

I’m not sure what the best part of this site is. Brooke Burke. The King dancing on the side of the screen. The Send to a Friend option. Seriously. If a friend of mine ever sent me an online video of a sandwich he designed, we’d have to have a looooooooong talk.


Jesus Walks – Like a P.I.M.P.


According to, the success of The Passion of The Christ has inspired another film about the last hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Only in the indie production Color of the Cross, Jesus is… wait for it… black!

The producers chose to cast a black actor as Jesus for artistic reasons for cheap publicity, which is fine by me. I’m used to Hollywood remaking classic movies with an ethnic spin, I’m just curious how far they’re going to take this one. Will Steve Harvey be prominently involved? How about Anthony Anderson? If they’re going to do it, they better do it right.

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Dave Cha-Poll: Loopy or Logical?


Help us. Here at Best Week Ever, we are an office divided. No one can agree on whether Dave Chappelle was astute and well-spoken or crazy-ass bonkers during his interview with Oprah.  Check out the footage and the live blog and then tell us what you think in the comments section.


LIVE BLOGGING: Dave Chappelle on “Oprah”

Dave_chappelle005headshothatmed1 Shows_oprah1

(Stand by for video!)

It’s 4 o’clock, and I can feel the energy. Why would he leave $50 million behind? Will he go back to his show! Oprah setting up the story: Did we mention $50 million? They had to bleep Rick James’ catch phrase, and did I mention $50? Was he crazy? On drugs? I can’t wait to find out. Oh, and did I mention $50 million? 4:02 Dave walks on, looking fit and happy in blue jeans and blue shirt. Oprah: “Why did you walk away from $50 million?” Great question. He says that he had to adjust to the atmosphere. Compares himself to Mariah Carey and Martin Lawrence. Good move! Oprah: “Would you say you lost your mind, sort of?” No, it’s just stress because the money got big for everyone. He admits that he is to blame. Oprah: “Tipping point?” Dave: After first season, he settled for less than he wanted. After second season, the DVDs blew up, and it’s a whole new revenue stream. The network doesn’t know what’s funny. Oprah thought his fantasy phone call about his getting her pregnant was funny. It is funny! I know because I’m watching the clip right now. Everyone agrees that it was a lot of work. Oprah: Drugs? Lost your mind? Dave: Incredibly stressed out. Vitamin-love deficient. Thought the sketches were funny but socially irresponsible. “I was overwelmed.”

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Brad Pitt Sexy in Britain, Too


Glitterati Gossip has the list of the top 10 sexiest men according to a poll taken for the British magazine New Woman. It comes as no surprise that Brad Pitt is number one, but there is one name there that you might not expect:

1. Brad Pitt 2. Jake Gyllenhaal 3. Orlando Bloom 4. Johnny Depp 5. Clive Owen 6. Jason Hartley 7. Shayne Ward 8. Daniel Craig 9. Simon Jones 10. Olivier Martinez


A Place For Boobs To Go


Well folks, tomorrow’s the day you’ve been waiting for… that is, if you’re a pervert. Tomorrow, the Hooters Casino Hotel opens in Las Vegas, and they’re promising "the most uncommonly good times of your life!" I’m not too sure what that means exactly, but I’m in!

If you can’t hop on the next Hooters Air flight out there, you can live vicariously by reading the Hooters Casino Hotel Blog. My favorite part of the blog is the Deep Thought section that currently reads "No time for deep thoughts, we’re opening in two weeks!" Because THAT, my friends, captures a Hooters Girl in a nutshell. Nice work.