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While You Were Sick Of The April Showers

  • It’s rumored that Lindsay Lohan is having a lesbian affair with DJ Samantha Ronson. So I guess that answers the question, “what’s Lindsay gonna do after she F’s every guy in Hollywood?”
  • A mischevious Britney Spears told a photographer that she’s pregnant, adding that Americans should believe everything they read. On that note, I’m terrified. Believe that, America.
  • As a child, Henry Rollins dreamed of being a part of Gladys Knight & The Pips. Unfortunately, he saw himself as more of a Pip than a Gladys.
  • Lily Allen thinks trying to make it big in America is boring. Robbie Williams, Take That, and everybody else who couldn’t make it here completely agree.
  • Tom Hanks will earn between $29 million and $49 million to star in the follow up to The DaVinci Code. Though most of the money will go directly to hair supplies.


BWE PODCAST: Get With The Program

With so many brand new programs hitting the air this season, who has the time to watch them all? The answer is Shea Hess. So if you haven’t decided whether or not you’re gonna check out Drive, The Real Wedding Crashers, Thank God You’re Here or The Tudors, let Shea make that decision a whole lot easier for you.

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CAPTION THIS! Un-be-Weave-able


Quick to embrace a trend, Beyonce joins the Sanjaya fan club.

For more pictures of Beyonce performing (presumably a terrible rendition of “Mack The Knife”), click here. Then leave your captions in the comments.


ICYMI: Will Ferrell’s Landlord


Simply not content with dominating the box office anymore, Will Ferrell now has his eyes set on viral videos. We’re all screwed.

Just check out The Landlord, starring Will, his buddy Adam McKay and Adam’s daughter Pearl. Watch the video and you’ll see that there’s only one actor working today who’s capable of upstaging Will. And she’s adorable.


Paul Rudd & David Wain Make Karaoke Look Good

There are a few things in life you just can’t argue. Like, Paul Rudd is awesome. Like, Wet Hot American Summer (directed by BWE’r David Wain) is awesome. And, like, “More Than A Feeling” by Boston is both a) awesome and b) one of the greatest karaoke songs ever. So when you combine Rudd, Wain, Boston, karaoke and genuine rocking out, the results are… well… you know.

Vid via Forkcast


Kissing Richard Gere is Dangerous

richardgere.jpgWhen Richard Gere kissed Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty repeatedly on the face during an AIDS awareness event in New Delhi, there’s no way he could’ve known that his actions would be considered offensive by the Indian people. And not just a little offensive, like, Runaway Bride times a thousand offensive. Just check out this news story:

A public display of affection got Richard Gere in trouble with Indian moviegoers. Irate fans burned the Hollywood actor in effigy April 16, after he repeatedly kissed movie actress Shilpa Shetty during an AIDS awareness event in New Delhi.

The 58-year-old Gere was in India to participate in a safe sex campaign directed at truck drivers. Of all nations, India has the largest number of people living with HIV. During the ceremony, Gere repeatedly kissed Shetty’s hand and cheeks.

Protesters say the actions, shown repeatedly on Indian television, violate standards of propriety.

You can watch a video of the offensive act (read: kiss) right here. In the coming days as people protest and demand Gere’s arrest, just be thankful that the actor didn’t comment on her hairstyle or potential promiscuity. Because Lord knows what would’ve happened then.


While You Were I-Missing Imus

  • Bookmakers are offering 20-1 odds that Britney Spears hooks up with newly-single Prince William and becomes the next Queen of England. If it pans out, the phrase “God Save the Queen” will never be more relevant.
  • When asked what she would do about Sanjaya, Hilary Clinton said it was the “best question” she’s been asked in a long time. Until the reporter added “…would you send him to Iraq or not?”
  • The cast of Frasier has considered reuniting on Broadway. Upon hearing the news, rich, snotty white people with bad senses of humor shook hands with one another and exclaimed “Well done! Well done indeed!”
  • Grey’s Anatomy has been honored by the Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination. Isaiah Washington accepted the awards by thanking all the f-words* who voted for them.
  • Menudo will reunite for a MTV reality show. Sadly, it’ll probably be for the MTV reality show Next.

*the one that rhymes with “shaggits”, not the real F-word


Best of the Best Week Ever

Best Week Ever is off this week, so you’ll just have to use your imagination and try to guess what Doug Benson would’ve said about Imus. Have a great weekend!


ICYMI: Vasectomy B-Roll is A-OK!

Everybody’s familiar with the classic “news B-roll footage that features faceless people walking down the street.” It’s always shot from the neck down, and it’s usually used to accompany stories about obesity or exercise. However, when a local news team in Utah used those same shots to talk about vasecotmies, the footage became… dirty. And hilarious. Check it out.

Vid via Gorillamask


Stay Together For The Kids Millions & Millions of Dollars

millsmcartney.jpgWhen Paul McCartney and the world’s most popular one-legged competitive dancer were going through their divorce, everybody made a big deal about how much money it was going to cost the Beatle to get rid of his wife. It ended up coming out to roughly $60 million, which is probably a little bit more than your dad gave your mom after their divorce*. But guess what- that’s not even in the Top 5 when it comes to celebrity divorce payouts. I bet that makes Paul feel better. Probably not $60 million worth of better, but better.

The sadistic bastards at Forbes made a list of the 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces. Give it a read. If your name isn’t Michael Jordan, Kevin Costner, Steven Spielberg or Neil Diamond you’ll probably enjoy it.

Link via DListed

*sorry about bringing up repressed memories. trust me, it’s for the best