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Human Giant Presents: Lil’ 9/11

If you didn’t catch the premiere of Human Giant last Thursday, I want you to get off this blog right now, walk over to your TV, turn on MTV and sit there until they play it again. Go. I’ll wait.

Okay, welcome back. The one and only Paul Scheer just sent me this video to tide us over until this week’s episode. Watch it now- I promise, it’ll be the cutest 9/11 video you ever see.


Ode To Zach Braff

Here at, Michelle, Alex and I generally tend to agree on most things. We all agree that Zarf rocks, Jared Leto blows and Tony Danza’s departure from daytime TV came waaaay too soon. One thing we cannot seem to agree on, though, is Zach Braff. I think he’s cool, Alex hates him, and Michelle thinks it’s weird that we spend so much time fighting about the guy from Scrubs. Nobody wins. Well, since Alex is in a meeting right now and I’m leaving next friday (spoiler alert), I’m going to post this amazing video that I found on YouTube. It’s called “Ode To Zach Braff” and beyond being catchy, I think it makes some great points. Suck on that, Blagg.


VIDEO HITS ONE: Why And How Come?

If you’re a hipster, if you hang out with hipsters, or if you’re a normal human being who listens to good music that forces you to be around hipsters when you see your favorite bands in concert, this music video is going to hit close to home. The song is called “Why and How Come?” and it comes from The Shaky Hands. Finally, an indie rock concert video making fun of indie rock concerts. It’s pretty cool (and, whether they like it or not… hip.)

Vid via Forkcast


LISTEN UP: It’s Icky and Thumpy

  • The Music Slut wants to know what you think about the new White Stripes album cover for Icky Thump (I love it.) And I also love the old school mp3 of “Stop Breaking Down” that she posted.
  • If you don’t know Busdriver, now’s the time to check him out. Head over to You Ain’t No Picasso and download “Casting Agents & Cowgirls” now.
  • Neiles Life prepares for Toronto’s Virgin Festival by posting tracks by the Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, the Arctic Monkeys and more. It’s good to be prepared.
  • Quick Before it Melts posted a great mix today that features tracks by Tegan & Sara, Wolf Parade and the Sugarcubes amongst others.
  • And finally, for an old Green Day track nestled between some Bad Religion and Madness, visit Slave to Shuffle.


Keith Richards Is F’ing Hilarious (and Crazy)

keith richards.jpgAt this point, it doesn’t really matter if Keith Richards snorted his father’s ashes or if it was all a big joke– the damage has been done. It took longer than it should have, but by declaring that he attempted to get high off his dead father, the ancient rock n’ roller-slash-druggie has finally cemented his place in the Crazy Celebrity Hall of Fame alongside people like Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop. He’s finally entered that elite class where we as a society kind of have to believe that any story written about Keith– no matter how crazy it sounds– might actually be true. Like, for example, this story about Keith throwing a child’s pet canary out the window after mistaking it for an alarm clock.

Hellraiser Keith Richards once threw a child’s canary out of a window after it disturbed his hangover headache.

Richards picked up the canary, which belonged to bandmate Ron Wood’s then five-year-old son Jamie, and threw it out of the window believing it was an alarm clock.

Congratulations Keith! One month ago this story would have been a little upsetting. Today, it’s adorable. You did it, buddy! Now it’s smooth, crazy sailing from here on out.


TRAILER MIX: Keep On Livin’ Free, Dyin’ Hard

If you’re not already excited about the upcoming Die Hard movie, just check out the newest trailer. It has everything we loved from the previous trailers– the car flying into the helicopter, the infamous catchphrase, Bruce Willis’ hairline– as well as something that the other ones were missing: plot details. It looks like Live Free or Die Hard is going to be a little bit 24, a little bit Terminator 2, and a whole lot of awesome. Check it ouit now.

Vid via Tuna Flix


GAMES: Famouser?


I guarantee this game keeps you busy for hours. Who’s more Famouser? The rules are simple: two celebrities pop up on screen, you simply click on the one who’s more famous. Believe it or not, there are right and wrong answers, so choose carefully (I’m still mad I got the Olivia Newton-John vs. Michael Richards one wrong. Dammit.) Give it a go and let us know what your best streak is– so far mine is 22. Good luck.

Link via Pop Candy


…Of The Day


  • SHE’S THOROUGH: Last week Scarlett Johansson was rumored to be hooking up with Ryan Phillipe, this week it’s Ryan Reynolds. At least she’s going alphabetically. (DListed)
  • MISSING MISS USA: Tara Conner has ditched New York for Los Angeles. I think that means we get a forgettable, talentless blonde in return, right? Isn’t that how it works? (IDLYITW)
  • DOGG POUNDED: Snoop Dogg has been charged with two felonies and faces 4 years in prison if convicted. Of course, Snoop is hoping prosecutors take those charges and… wait for it… drop them like they’re hot! Get it??? Yeah! (TMZ)
  • A GAY ISSUE: Roseanne thinks gay people only care about gay issues. How gay. (A Socialite’s Life)
  • SUGAR, HE’S GOING DOWN: Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz says he’s not a big fan of penises. Which is ironic considering every d*ck I know loves Fallout Boy. (Queerty)


Casting Kurt & Courtney is… Nevermind

kurt courtney.jpg

Back in January Courtney Love acquired the rights to a biography on her deceased husband Kurt Cobain with the intention of turning it into a movie. Now, rumors are starting to circulate about who’s going to play the famous couple on the big screen. AOL Music threw together a list for people to vote on potential Kurt and Courtneys. Their suggestions both fascinating and terrifying. Here they are (along with my opionions):

Kurt: Ewan McGregor, Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Jared Leto, Mark Wahlberg, Dave Grohl, Hayley Joel Osment, Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath Ledger, Brad Pitt

Favorite: Jared Leto, but only because we already know the ending.
Biggest Disaster: If Ashton Kutcher played him I think Kurt would rise from the dead, watch the movie, then blow his brains out again. And this time it’d make more sense.

Courtney: Lindsay Lohan, Kate Winslet, Tara Reid, Drew Barrymore, The Olsen Twins, Winona Ryder, Hilary Duff, Helen Mirren, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Love

Favorite: Seriously, you know Kate Winslet would nail this.
Biggest Disaster: Courtney Love. But only because you know it would take her a really long time to study up on the character to prepare for the role. Like she knows anything about Courtney Love.

So what do you think? Click here to vote now.


ICYMI: First!

Hey, commenters, have you ever wondered what kind of a**hole gets their jollies off posting “First!” on blog posts? Well, now we know. Now we know… (click the pictue below- Language NSFW)