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Prada C-Blocks The Golden Globes; Uses Male Actors As Models

While we here in America spent Sunday in front of our TVs for 5 hours, wishing it were us in a fishtail gown being cattle prodded by Seacrest, some Hollywood gentlemen decided to spend the day in a decidedly more refined fashion. That’s because actors such as Gary Oldman, Tim Roth, Jamie Bell, Emile Hirsch, and other “Hawties Of All Aydjes!” were among the male models in the Prada Menswear Ready to Wear Fall/Winter Fashion Show in Milan, Italy this weekend. It appears Menswear will be Benjamin Buttoning itself this coming Winter, as it reads less “Spaceman” and more “The Picture of Dorian Gay.” aka Love it.

Take a look at some of your favorite actors giving it a shot on the runway.



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Forget Leo, I Wanna Hang With His Dad

Here is Leonardo DiCaprio at last night’s Critic’s Choice Awards. I saw the man in person as he was whiskes away to his car, and ladies, he’s LEO¬©. However, I think we may be burying the lead here in the DiCaprio family… his father, George DiCaprio, noted underground comic book writer and dealer. (Comic book dealer, that is.) The guy wrote a comic called Baloney Moccasins, and, as a result, I have decided we could be dear dear friends who could stay up all night talking about boys (his son) while braiding each others’ hair. Sorry Leo. Your Dad just scored your ticket to my triple Bat Mitzvah in 9 years.

For those of you wondering, Leelee DiCaps looks exactly like his mother, Irmelin Indenbirken. You can see her photo on this Italian website, under the very fetching title “Le mamme dei vip.”

Also, doesn’t need to be said, but Marty Scorcese trumps all these people by one million. He is perfect.

Via Popsugar, my new best friends on the red carpet, and Sarah Walker aka @Swalks.

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Jessica Simpson Finally Starting To Show

Our old friend Jessica Simpson is starting to give Mariah Carey a run for her money in the “How many hundreds of months can I keep being pregnant?” race. Here she is yesterday at a TCA red carpet positively glowing in a tight black mini-dress. But really… she’s a small girl. I mean… I feel like a foot is probably hanging out at this point. There’s no where to go!

Also as much as I adore J-Simps, I must bring up the resemblance to Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak… a compliment in some parts of the country!!

More pics of Jess ahead. And Dr., if you’re reading this, induce the girl already.

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Have A Great Weekend: Ewan McGregor At The Beach

It’s been QUITE a week Honey Boo Boo Chile. So what better way to to end the fantastic first week of 2012 than with a photo of our Sexiest Actor Of All Time Winner Ewan McGregor.

I know, his pants are on. Ugh, stop being so damn bossy for real. He’s wading in the water shirtless, take it, smile and say thank you. pps Have a great weekend!

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Before I tell you about the VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul concert that will be airing tonight on VH1 at 9/8 C, I want to make something clear. I am an employee of VH1. Obviously. However, the raves you are about to read for this show, which I was lucky enough to attend last night at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, have nothing to do with my employment at this fine company. Because really, of any event I’ve ever had to go to for work, this was above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I almost want to take my paycheck this week and just tear it up as a thank you. (Shame I laminate my paychecks otherwise I seriously would.)

Now last time I went to Divas, I wore a full-length gown and got my hair twisted into a prom updo, because I thought that was a kind of funny, but the truth is ANY REASON TO DO THIS AND I WILL. But I learned my lesson when that same night, I felt like the biggest shmuck on Earth because I wasn’t actually on the roster to perform. This year I got smart… Jeans and a top and a mid-day Divas Bang Trim, code for my bangs got butchered at 4 PM. (Too short, natch.)

The energy in the Divas auditorium was palpable, as was the amount of tequila in the mixed drink I requested. But there was no time to drink Hornitos and eat delicious mini cupcakes! (OK, there was a little time, I had two cupcakes, eaten in the corner in the dark.) That’s because Ms. Florence Welch was on stage in a floor-length silver dress, performing her new single “Shake It Up” and kicking the night off in amazing fashion.

From there some INSANE SH*T happened. How about a stage with Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and Mary J. Blige covering The Supremes? Don’t believe me? WATCH THIS FOOTAGE:

This is followed up with a dose of Erykah Badu, Mavis Staples, Jill Scott and CHAKA KHAN? Come on. No. How could this be a show? Well it is. It exists. And I haven’t even brought up my favorite Diva of all who was there…

My Favorite Diva, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano!

It’s important to mention that my favorite guys ever, Boyz II Men, showed up and sang MOTOWN PHILLY. I never knew I was capable of such pure unfiltered bliss until this moment. That giant Titanic dummy you’ll notice hurtling towards the stage from the second mezz tonight is me sacrificing myself to Wanye.

The only pang of negativity I felt last night was that of jealousy, that I myself am not a rich and famous diva, so as to afford some of the to-plotz-for outfits seen on stage. Specifically Florence Welch, who shares my love of a floor-length flowy dresses with sleeves.

You will definitely want to set your DVRs to record tonight’s show. Tonight, 9 PM ET/8 C, VH1, Divas. To continue celebrating the celebration of soul, I’ve put together a special Divas-themed For Your Consideration with stills from the special as well as some red carpet pics from before the show. And you know what? I put on a gown to write this post because EFF IT. Enjoy!


Dolly Parton


Flo Rida


Travie McCoy

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10 Photos Of A Merry Lion Christmas!

The world’s most Christ-like animal, the Lion, are not forgotten this holiday season. A lion family at the London Zoo made up of the parents, Abi and Lucifer (LOL?), and their cubs, Indi and Heidi, were given a bevy of gifts celebrating the birth of their Lord and Savior. (Ed. Note: praying these are not atheist lions…) One might even say the zoo is feeding Christmas to the lions.

So just what do you give a lion for Christmas??

A giant ball!! Probably made up of gazelle guts. (Hopefully!) CUTE!!!!

Things get infinitely cuter ahead.

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Who Is Ali Lohan’s Friend And How Do I Meet Him?

OK yes, most people are gonna see the name ALI LOHAN and, without even thinking, immediately start spouting off about how thin she is, and how she’s just like her sister, and other kinds of negative stuff and blah blah blah. And you know what? If it makes you feel better about yourself, by all means, who am I to stop you.

But Ali Lohan is the least of my concerns in this pic. That’s because she happens to be sitting next to a very special looking man that I can honestly say I’d like to be friends with. Something about the hair, the eyes, the conviction with which he clearly speaks, says to me: This is a man who has the potential to be a national treasure. Now the real question remains…

Don’t let me down internet. Find him and bring him to me.



Oprah’s Got Herself A New Man!

OK, so Oprah Winfrey and Sean Penn are not actually dating. Photographers (at least those who weren’t arrested) caught this shot of the two as they made their way around a Haitian refugee camp. The two are in Haiti filming an upcoming television special hosted by Oprah, as Penn is the creator of the J/P Human Relief Organization, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to those effected by the 2010 earthquake.

You can head over to J/P Human Relief Organization’s website to donate to victims now.

Ahead, another photo of Winfrey and Penn supporting each other ahead.

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How To Make Grand Central Less Crowded: Open An Apple Store

Yup. They’ve done it. Apple has gone ahead and opened up an Apple Store in Grand Central Station, the location of the future “Tramplings Of 2013″ that will kill millions.

As these photos will prove from the store’s opening, the only thing people like more than missing their trains because of meandering tourists is doing so while noticing their giant bags from the Apple Store.

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“Hot Homeless” Matt Damon To Appear On SNL

You know that thing when sometimes you see a guy, and you’re like “Wait, I’d talk to that guy,” and the next thing you know, he is talking to you!! Only he’s like “Can I have a dollar?” and you’re like “Baaaaabe anything for you,” and you buy him dinner and think things are going well until he brings you back to “his place” and it’s actually the park. He lives in the park. And you’re like “Wait a minute… you’re a hot homeless.”

Yup, hot homeless are all over the place, and if you like guys in bands, it can be confusing. Today, we have another face to add to the list of hot homeless…


Here are stills from this week’s Saturday Night Live host Katy Perry filming the SNL Digital Short with Andy Samberg, Val Kilmer and Matt Damon, who goes full hot homeless for the shoot.

These photos tell us one thing for sure: We all need to tune in this weekend.

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