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GIF OF THE DAY: Spartacus The Bulldog Waves Goodbye

This is Ice-T and Coco’s bulldog Spartacus. He is built like a little doggie brick house, and I think we can all agree, the exact dog that Ice-T and Coco should own. And in today’s GIF of the Day, we have little Spartacus waving goodbye to a handful of paparazzi with the saddest damn look on his face I’ve ever seen. I mean really, look at this sorry son of a bitch.

Looks like someone got into Ice’s medical marijuana stash again.

[Photos: Splash]


Kirk Cameron Has A New Boyfriend!

Kirk Cameron sure keeps reminding us about what a sin gay marriage is. Which is kiiiiind of funny because, hello, Kirk, you have a new boyfriend! Who’s the lucky guy who gets to pop Kirk’s ringlets? None other than BWE fave and “The Man With The Golden Vocal Chords” (no one calls him that) Randy Rainbow.

And this video reminds me: What ever happened to kick ass tv theme songs? Kirk Cameron might be a human living tumor, but goodness, that Growing Pains theme song makes me want to cradle him in my arms like a new born while me and Michael Gross share loving looks with each other.

Anyway, here’s to wish the new couple a long life of suggestively peeling bananas with one another.


HAPPY HOUR: Let’s Have A Margarita With Jason Mraz

When I found out that Mr. A to Z himself Jason Mraz would be sitting down with me to discuss his latest album over margaritas, a few thoughts popped into my head. Namely: Am I going to have to wear a hat?

Yes, Jason Mraz is known for many things. Poppy songs, brilliant lyrics, and hats. In fact, one of the first questions on my torah-scroll of “things to ask” was to be if he ever had to take his hat off to be recognized. (You can find the answer out below.) So it was of the highest importance that we talk about them. For example, is his new long hair just a wig attached to a ski cap? (Fear not, ladies, his hair is allll reallll.)

But hair aside, what about the man’s real talent: His music? Mraz’s new album, Love Is A Four Letter Word, will hit the shelves on April 17, and you can already check out the video for his new single “I Won’t Give Up” here.

We cover all this and more — avocados, bible camp, and his online screen name — in this installment of Happy Hour brought to you by Chili’s. Get your margaritas chilled, salt those rims, and check out the interview below!

Watch Part II Of The Interview Here!


NEW DREAM: Be The Meat In A Danny Devito & Lorax Sandwich

I know we’re all kind of sick and tired of these Lorax pics, but think about it. Danny Devito on one side, The Lorax on the other… candy coated body fluid being exchanged. Safe to say I would have no idea what was happening because I am over 6 feet tall and they are only slightly bigger than the blades of grass in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, but still. Those hobbit feet, that highly-flammable mustache.. I don’t think any woman could resist.



The Ultimate 66th Birthday Liza Minnelli GIF Wall!

Liza Minnelli should consider getting Nicolas Cage to star in her biopic because she is a National Treasure. But we would never have know the sparkle of her sleeve, the cadence of her laugh, if mother Judy Garland didn’t give birth to her exactly 66 years ago today, March 12, 1946. Liza has brought so much endless joy into our lives, from Cabaret, to Arrested Development, to Sex And The City 2, to her amazing marriage to David Gest. (Not striking that people. NOT STRIKING IT.) She is an icon of talent, grace and humor and also being star of the movie I AM LEGEND.

So to honor Liza on her 66th birthday, we’ve done the only thing we know how to do: Make her a GIF Wall. So Liza, Happy Birthday darling, and please accept this gift of The Ultimate 66th Birthday Liza Minnelli GIF Wall… ahead.

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Kitty Elevator Going Up! First Floor: Nips, Toys, Kibbles, Bits

I’ve never been to Russia, but I can truthfully say that in my mind’s eye, it’s a paradise. A land of flowing vodka, barrel-chested presidents on horseback, and cats that are probably geniuses.

Like this little guy, who has a pretty sweet set up: An elevator that transports him from the ground floor all the way up to the Communist penthouse where he lives. The set up is simple. He meows, his owner drops a basket, cat climbs in, and boom: Cat elevator. I had a similar set-up in college with a friend who lived in the dorm room above me, however we never had the ingenuity to put a live cat baby in there.

Congrats Russia. You win again.

(via Buzzfeed)


The Description For The Bronson Pinchot Show Made Me Cry

My love for Bronson Pinchot is deep and real and not done in an ironic sense. He’s a talented guy who might have some emotional problems. So when, while home in Miami at the ol’ parents’ house, I saw a show mysteriously titled “Bronson Pinchot” for the DIY channel On Demand… well don’t be ridiculous, obviously I had to find out more.

It’s called The Bronson Pinchot Project, and no, it does not involve him hunting down and killing Cousin Larry. (Big mistake “network execs.”) But the show’s actual description is possibly the most moving TV description I’ve ever seen:

Poignant, isn’t it? That Bronson of Balki Bartakomous and The Surreal Life fame and not much else would secretly buy neglected homes and upgrade them into beautiful mansions, no? Not saying it has anything at all to do with his own career but don’t be surprised if you walk into an abandoned living room one evening and see Bronson slowly doing the Dance of Joy while holding himself.

Here’s the first episode of The Bronson Pinchot Project.

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41 Sexy Ass Photos of Jon Hamm On His 41st Birthday

Tomorrow, March 10, Jon Hamm will age into an even finer ass wine and turn 41 years old, officially making him “Over The Hill” according to every 1985 gag mug. (Though I think we can all agree he deserves this snazzy tote bag.) And in only 2 weeks, on March 25, Mad Men will return for its 5th season. (My recapping fingers are twitching with antcarpeltunnelcipation.) To celebrate both this great man and this amazing show, we’ve done the completely possible: Found 41 sexy as sh*t photos of Jon Hamm and compiled them into the ultimate 41st Birthday Celebration post.

So please, slowly unzip your pants, get your USB fans cranked up to “max,” and enjoy 41 Sexy Ass Photos of Jon Hamm on his 41st Birthday:


[Photo: Best Life Magazine]




[Photo: SNL]

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