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Cutest Kid Of ’08: Vote Now!

The contenders for Cutest Kiddie of 2008 range from newborn to toddler, but they’ve all inherited three things: money, fame and stellar genes. A rock star straight from the womb, Kingston Rossdale has become a child style icon, often seen in Converse and flannel; at two-years old, he’s pioneered the preschool grunge trend. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt hit the genetic jackpot, and the little blondie has upheld the world’s expectation to be one of the most beautiful children we’ve seen. While Suri Cruise‘s home life may be bizarre, the stylista toddler is never photographed looking anything but adorable. Valentina Pinault is constantly smiling in the arms of momma Salma Hayek. But honestly, if you were nuzzled against her all day … you’d be giddy too, right?

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Bond Girls: New vs. Old

Two new Bond girls are set to steam up theaters with today’s opening of Quantum of Solace: Ukranian-born Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Craig‘s stunning sidekick; and Gemma Arterton, a British operative. You can bet that Bond will need to add notches to his bedpost for both Olga and Gemma — just like he did for Halle Berry, Eva Green, Denise Richards and countless others.

Browse photos of Bond girls below and then let us know how his new babes stack up against his exes.


Obama Girl Celebrates In Booty Shorts

Obama Girl, Amber Lee Ettinger, best known for her YouTube megahit “I Got A Crush On Obama,” and predictably high from Barack Obama‘s victory, has promoted herself from “Obama Girl” to “Super Obama Girl” with the help of red undies, a thick gold belt, and a bare belly. How can Obama thank her for sexy campaign efforts?

“I would love to get an invitation to the inauguration and to the inaugural ball, and of course would love to share a dance with Obama, if that’s okay with his wife,” Amber said.

If invited, she’ll definitely have to trade the booty shorts for a ball gown. But we have a feeling the cardboard cutout of Obama is as close as she’s going to get. See more pics below.

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[Source: Yahoo News; Photos: Splash News Online]


Box Office Beat: Zoo Animals Bring In The Cash

Short on cash in this craptastic economy? We suggest making an animated film about animals featuring the voices of risqué comedians and Today Show hosts. The folks over at Dreamworks are rolling in cheddah this morning after the kiddie comedy came in #1 over the weekend. See the latest trailer above.

1. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: $63.5M

2. Role Models: $19.3M

3. High School Musical 3: $9.29M

4. Changeling: $7.28M

5. Zack & Miri Make A Porno: $6.52M


Afternoon Snack: Brazilian Booty

It’s almost the weekend. To get you through the last few hours of the work week, here are some models showing off their assets in skimpy bikinis in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Enjoy!

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Palin Threw Tantrums, Made Staffers Cry, Plans To Torment Liberals Forever

A pretty ugly portrait of Sarah Palin is materializing as behind-the-scenes rumors continue to flood from the McCain camp. Yesterday, we revealed dirty details about her lust for designer duds. Today rumors are flying that she would mull over press clippings each morning, and proceed to throw tantrums of a magnitude that reduced her staff to tears.

Despite her alleged horribleness and proven ignorance on major issues, we may see her again come 2012… this time in the Republican driver’s seat. We have a few hot tips for the presidential hopeful:

  • Take some improvisational speaking courses. Notecards may not go with some your fancy outfits.
  • Join Piper in her geography class sometime. Africa is, in fact, a continent.
  • If ever again questioned about your daily reading habits, keep the name of at least one newspaper on the back burner, Washington Post will do.
  • Drop the “I can see Russia from my house” bit. Or the wrath of Couric will again be unleashed.
  • NAFTA does not stand for Never Arrest Fur Trading Alaskans.
  • Minimize winking.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

See a clip from The O’Reilly Factor after the jump, where Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron spills some insider Palin gossip:

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Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday, and that means you’ve made it halfway through the work week and halfway to the weekend. Congrats!


Barack Wins! Share Thoughts!

Ladies and gentlemen, the fight for “real change” has a winner: Barack Obama. The senator has been voted in as the 44th president of the United States — and the first-ever African-American to hold the nation’s top position. It’s a historic day, a day that many black Americans thought they’d never see. And the campaign has been a long road, filled with passionate speeches, bruising rumors, ugly bipartisan politics, and many SNL parodies. Obama’s path to the presidency inspired many, of all ages, race, and economic backgrounds. (Pics below).

But with the U.S. in the throes of two wars and an economic meltdown that has no end in sight, Barack has his work cut out for him. Will he make a good Chief Executive? Share your thoughts on President Obama.

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Box Office Beat: Zac Efron’s Smooth Moves Defeat Porno and Jigsaw

The vocal stylings of Zac Efron & Co. held the top spot at the box office over the weekend, outselling two horror movies, Angelina Jolie, and a sexy comedy. How did the Disney tarts do it? Get a taste of Efron gold in the above clip.

1. High School Musical 3: $15M

2. Zack & Miri Make A Porno: $10.7M

3. Saw V: $10.1M

4. Changeling: $9.41

5. The Haunting of Molly Hartley: $6.01M