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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Russell Armstrong Found Dead

Russell Armstrong, husband of RHoBH star Taylor Armstrong, was found dead at his Mulholland Drive home last night. The father of three (five-year-old Kennedy and two sons, 11 and 13) had apparently hanged himself and was discovered by his roommate. He and wife Taylor had filed for divorce last month due to “irreconcilable differences” and rumors of physical abuse.

Fellow Housewives Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are “distraught” and “speechless.”

Our condolences go out to Russell’s family and friends.

[Source: TMZ, Photo: Getty Images]

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TheFABlife’s Salute To Halle Berry’s Eternal Hotness

Halle Berry turned 45 yesterday (and celebrated how most middle-aged women don’t – by frolicking on the beach in a bikini) and proved to the rest of the sagging and wrinkling world that her best days are ahead of her. Whatever Berry’s doing (Antioxidants? Yoga? Cryogenically freezing herself at night?!) is working and she should be required to share her miracle anti-aging solution with the rest of us. From her time as a thong-flaunting emerging actress to the days of embracing her new mom curves to her recently-revived tummy-baring looks, Halle’s never been afraid to show some skin.

Let us salute this beautiful freak of nature by reminiscing over some of her hottest looks. Don’t worry, we’ve provided dates in the captions of the otherwise-ageless photos.

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Happy Hump Day: Bikini-Clad Bar Rafaeli Is A Dirty Girl

Okay, literally dirty. Live from the Dead Sea today, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Rafaeli graciously tweeted the curves that’ve made her famous, beneath a sleek coating of mud. The sexy sassafrass said,

“*muddy* but feels good!! DEAD SEA- if you haven’t been… well, sucks for you!”

Sure, we may not be slathering ourselves in healing mud at the moment, but Bar’s pics are plenty therapeutic for our Wednesday. [Photo: Twitter]

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The Ultimate Ryan Gosling GIF Wall

Ryan Gosling‘s charm has been on full blast lately. He’s been smirking all over town, winning hearts with his scruffy dog George and hoisting portly morning show hosts over his head while promoting Crazy, Stupid, Love. Unsurprisingly, that handsome mug of his inspired us to round-up Gosling’s most GIF-worthy moments, including a very restrained count of five from The Notebook.
Fun fact: before his “Photoshopped” abs and “Hey Girl” meme status, The Gos was an MMC heartthrob alongside Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. We’ll warn you that this particular Ultimate GIF Wall is an unsettling combo of “Awww” and “OMFG.”
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We’d Put On A Hat Too, Rob

After nabbing ‘Choice Vampire’ and ‘Choice Male Actor (Drama)’ at the Teen Choice Awards, Robert Pattinson (photos) celebrated at legendary Hollywood haunt Chateau Marmont. For the occasion, Rob swapped out one vintage tee for another and concealed his hacked mop with a typically-random Baltimore Orioles hat. Oh, Rob, that pretty face of yours gets you a long way. Your hipster fashion works on so few.

[Photo: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News]

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REVIEW: Crazy, Stupid, Love + 10 Crazy, Stupid, Hot GIFs

Whatever genius decided to put Ryan Gosling‘s abs in the final shot of the Crazy, Stupid, Love trailer should reap heavy royalties from this weekend’s box office earnings. Though the all-star cast and sneak peek of funny one-liners will draw audiences out of the heat and into the movie theater, we have a feeling many ladies will be expecting eye candy o’plenty.

While the flick (thankfully) spends no small amount of time glorifying Gosling’s darling mug and perfectly-tailored suits, this smarter-than-your-average rom-com deals with the heavy subject matter of divorce. It had potential to get dark and depressing, but the chemistry of the stellar cast of Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, R-Gos and Emma Stone eased us through it with charm and likability.

The supporting actors gave mostly strong performances, particularly Marisa Tomei as a scene-stealing firecracker. Unfortunately, former America’s Next Top Model contestant Analeigh Tipton stole scenes for the opposite reason. We’ll chalk it up to her rookie onscreen status, but her overacting was at times unbearable. We also cared the least for her creepy older man-loving story line.

Tipton’s superfluous story line aside, Crazy, Stupid, Love. was enjoyable and surprisingly sweet. And while Gosling is one fine piece of man meat, he is proving himself to be an incredibly versatile, talented actor, and with two films out this summer, plus five major projects in the works, he’s not going anywhere. We aren’t complaining.

As though you needed reason beyond the “photoshop” scene, here are 10 GIFs that’ll make you rush out the door, grab a bucket of popcorn and don a bib for Gosling droolage. Read more…


Ryan Gosling Starring In Unannounced Fargo Sequel?

Allow us to first clarify that we’ve heard nothing about a Fargo sequel, nor do we think one should happen, nor is it possible unless Peter Stormare‘s character makes an unlikely escape from prison. However, Ryan Gosling‘s recent bleach job bares an uncanny resemblance to one of the Coen Brothers‘ most legendary, woodchipper-lovin’ mad men.

In some weird way, it’s almost a relief that we’re seeing Gosling looking less than perfect on the set of The Place Beyond The Pines. After his recent streak of heart-throbbing appearances while promoting Crazy, Stupid, Love, we were starting to think he was perhaps a sexy cyborg planted on Earth to distract us from Robert Pattinson.

[Photo: Splash News Online, MGM Home Entertainment]

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